Windward Reports is now Windward

Our company was originally Windward Studios (that is still our legal name) which is a great name for a game software company. But when we first started with reporting software the marketing team decided to focus on a single name and so we became Windward Reports.

That worked great for awhile, but as time has progressed we are now much more than reports with a great docgen program as well as our new B.I. products. So after long discussion and test marketing, we’re now Windward. (Yes, it took a lot of effort to figure that out.)

And Windward Studios has been resurrected as the site for the special projects we do. Mostly little apps that we place out there for free like Wishbone.

And we now blog at this url off of instead of the old one off of So welcome to my new blog location. And for the old entries, will continue to hold them

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