The Top 12 Computer Science Universities – Championship Round

What University will win the International Programming Championship?

We’re less than two weeks away from The International Collegiate Programming Championships. The top 12 Computer Science Universities in the world are signed up where their student teams will battle it out for the championship. And when I say battle it out, I literally mean battle. The contest has each team writing a computer A.I. for a combat game. Each team’s software will be trying to kill the other teams in the game.

Each school has multiple teams competing. They are given the problem at 10:00am and have 8 hours to write an A.I. for the game. We selected a game A.I. because there is no perfect solution. And the best A.I. is not who can write the fastest or most esoteric code, it’s who can come up with the best approach to playing the game. So a team of freshmen can be competitive with a team of graduate students.

The students participating are the best of the best. They are attending the top 12 Computer Science Universities. And they’re the students who are so into programming, they are spending their Saturday writing code for the pure intellectual challenge. The programming skill on display in this challenge is unprecedented. Make sure you come watch the webcast of the final, 6:30pm PST on Saturday Jan 28.

So who do you think will win? Vote for your favorite school here (link coming).

The Top 12 Computer Science Universities

Boston University

I wish the BU teams all the luck in the world and hope they are successful. Winning the championship would be quite a distinction! – Dr. Nancy Baker, Special Assistant to the President

Carnegie Mellon University
Cornell University
Harvey Mudd College

HMC is delighted to be part of this exciting competition. I know our students will enjoy the opportunity to match their coding skills against their peers from other great CS departments. – Maria Klawe, President Harvey Mudd (and a really cool person)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Purdue University

The Purdue University Department of Computer Science, founded in 1962 by Dr. Samuel D. Conte, was the first in the United States to grant computer science degrees. Over the past fifty years, the department, with the support of faculty, staff, students, and administrators, along with generous alumni and corporate partners, has grown to address the many challenges of the ever-changing field of computer science. The Department’s 48-member faculty and over 250 graduate students have distinguished themselves in the core areas of computer science. Faculty also play a leading role in many multidisciplinary efforts, including the Center for Education and Research in Information Assurance and Security (CERIAS) and the Center for the Science of Information (CSoI). Since 2006, the Department of Computer Science is centered in the Purdue University state-of-the-art Lawson Computer Science Building.

Stanford University
University of Illinois
University of Maryland
University of Massachusetts

The UMass Amherst Department of Computer Science has some of the most distinguished teachers and researchers, focusing on areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Digital Forensics, Networking, Software Engineering, Robotics, Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, Databases, Data Mining, Graphics, and Computer Security & Privacy. A faculty of 43 promises vitality and innovation in emerging fields for years to come. The Department of Computer Science offers a world-class curriculum in support of the Bachelor’s degree, the Master’s degree or the Doctoral degree. Currently, 201 graduate students, 384 undergraduate majors, and 1,800 classroom students enjoy a broad and comprehensive teaching and mentoring program that provides a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning. The B.S and M.S. programs thoroughly prepare students for advanced careers within the computer industry. The Department also has a new interdisciplinary B.A. degree in Computer Science. The Ph.D. program trains students to produce their own ground-breaking research. As a highly ranked and high impact graduate research program, UMass Amherst CS is also is one of the most competitive. All our educational programs expose students to some of the most exciting and significant research being conducted anywhere in the world. The department is distinguished by its unique culture of collaboration that enhances both research and teaching. Faculty members consistently work together across traditional boundaries between specialties within Computer Science and are also remarkably committed to multi-disciplinary research. The department maintains significant research collaborations with more than 30 industry-leading technology companies.

University of Toronto (Canada)

The Department of Computer Science at the University of Toronto is one of the oldest, largest and most prestigious institutions in the world. Along with one of the strongest and most recognized undergraduate programs, the department features a diverse range of cutting-edge research that places it among the top ten among worldwide rankings of computer science departments. When it comes to gaming at UofT, the students are among the most dedicated and highly-skilled developers imaginable, with courses and clubs and socials events that revolve around gaming and game design. If there’s one thing that UofT students know, it’s how to study hard, work hard, and play hard!

University of Wisconsin

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire has 11,000 students and emphasizes excellence in undergraduate education. The Computer Science Department at UW-Eau Claire provides undergraduate students with a strong foundation in computer science topics using a rigorous and hands-on approach. The department has approximately 200 undergraduate majors and 7 faculty members, and our curriculum covers foundational computer science topics as well as emerging topics such as robotics, mobile application development, and parallel systems development.