The Windward International Collegiate Programming Finals are in process!

Ok, it’s happening! 12 top Universities enter the arena. At the end of the day, one emerges victorious.

The game board is RoboRally, the rules are last robot standing. The A.I. is passed 1 – 9 cards and returns 1 card for its turn. Over 60 turns it accrues points based on damage it does to other robots. And if it kills all the other robots in the 60 turns, it accrues even more points.

The school finals are at 6:00pm tonight in each timezone. The international finals begin at 6:30pm PST and are being webcast live.

And right now here at Harvey Mudd (where I presented the program), the lecture hall is deserted and the building is completely silent as all the teams spread out to the various classrooms are heads down working on their code. Considering the students participating are the best of the best, the programming effort being exerted today is mind blowing.

And all this effort? It’s in a very good cause. The winning school gets major bragging rights, and a cool trophy.

ps – If you have suggestions for next year, please let us know!