How to Play Music on a USB Stick in the Nissan Leaf

No one at Nissan appears to know how this works so I’m posting this here until they get the full information out to their dealers, etc.

First off, the music titles can be in any alphabet. I was initially told by Nissan that the Leaf could not handle titles in the Cyrillic alphabet (Russian). However, the USB stick of my music coincidentally had most of my English songs saved as MP3 files and all my Russian pop as MP4. (I can understand the dealer making this assumption, but 2 Director level people in the Leaf group at Nissan also got this wrong – worrisome.) I’ve tested and it both plays & displays Russian, Greek, and Japanese song titles fine.

Second, it only sees MP3 files. No MP4. I read one post that it also handles WMV but have not tested that myself. I’m guessing it does not support any other formats. So… you need to convert all your music to MP3 on the USB stick you use in the Leaf. NCH has a great program for this.

Third, it only sees the first 255 files in a folder. So if you have over 255 songs, you need to create multiple folders on your USB stick and put 255 or fewer files in each folder. If you don’t do this all you’ll get is the first 255 files on the stick.

When you select random play, it does properly select songs across all the folders. However, when you use the steering wheel control to go to the next song, it does not go to the next random song but instead goes to the next song in the folder the presently playing song is on. So if you want to skip past the artist you are listening to, you need to hit next a lot to you get to the next album in that folder.

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