7 Years from now Apple’s new Product will be…

For the next couple of years Apple will take large segments of the remaining parts of the computer and consumer electronics market. Yes the TV is next. And following that we’ll see more products that combine the various pieces of these markets in some very interesting ways. But you can only find so many groundbreaking products in any given segment.

Apple is a company with creating new groundbreaking products baked into its DNA. They need to go find another market where the existing products are mediocre. Where the solution is a combination of hardware & software. And where there is a fundamental change occurring in the industry creating an opening for a new company.

In Steve Job’s biography he mentioned the obvious next industry as one of the few that requires a comprehensive product to be successful – automobiles. I think in 7 years we’ll see Apple shipping an electric car. And not just one but a series of models.

The new electric cars (which are the future) have a major software component so they’re a natural for Apple where it requires superb hardware and software. The conversion from gas to electric provides an opening to new companies. And the existing car companies treat the software component of their vehicles as an unimportant afterthought when car owners will see it as central to the vehicle.

Will it definitely happen? Who knows. But I can’t think of any other industry that they are more likely to go after.

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