Here’s a software product idea that will make some start-up very successful

Are you looking for a product idea that you can implement and build a successful company from. Here’s one. And there is a giant need for it.

The opportunity here is a need for which numerous products exist, but they all suck. This is the same opportunity DropBox had where there were many file synchronization programs, and they all sucked.

What is key here is the same focus DropBox had – you need to create something that is simple, and that works.

The product? A login (username/password) handler. The existing products are both overly complex, and do not provide the needed functionality. (Quite an accomplishment there – shoving in lots of unnecessary features while missing the needed features).

The key market is business users – business will happily pay for this while consumers are a lot more work to sell to. By all means go after consumers too, but focus on businesses. And what do business want?

  1. When you enter credentials on a web page, it stores them in a repository.
  2. Each credential has access set by Active Directory group(s) and/or user(s).
  3. Credentials are synchronized, based on who has access.
  4. When you go to a web page, it enters the credentials for you.
  5. You can also use it from non-Windows devices (iPad) and computers not on the domain (home).

That’s it. Nothing more. Absolutely nothing more. Get the above working effortlessly and then listen to your customers to see what else most want. And keep the basic use simple.

The existing products blow it two ways. First they make the products much too complex. RoboForm has 15 items on its main menu, most of them bringing up sub menus. It has 3 passwords (minimum) that you have to create and track. And multiple profiles are so complex to set up that their tech support team is uncertain how to do it.

The second is they don’t provide a way to have multiple groups that users access via their membership. At a company we don’t want to, on each login, specify the individuals that have access to it. We don’t want to create a separate set of security groups we have to maintain in parallel with Active Directory. Most every corporation sets up Active Directory groups and has everyone well trained to provide access by group.

This way all logins are available to people in the correct group. Marketing resources to the marketing group, development resources to the development group, payroll resources to the payroll group. And user assignment primarily for an employee’s personal logins.

That’s it. Follow the DropBox approach of making it very very easy to learn and use and you’ll have a major success on your hands.

And when you create it – email me! We need this and our present system has too many people with access to most logins and personal logins getting place in the group logins.