Roadmap version 12

I read recently that Intel does not do planning past 2 years. And they have to build billion dollar fabrication factories. We tend to stick to 6 months out because anything longer is not going to match where we are in 6 months. So here we are with what we plan to add over the course of version 12:

  1. Release Aardvarklytics (our iPad B.I. product).
  2. Javelin – Add some new features and provide it as a service on Azure.
  3. Engine & AutoTag – add support for cubes, direct connection to ERP systems (Dynamics, PeopleSoft, etc.), and Big Data systems.
  4. Greatly expand the functionality we support on PPTX.
  5. Word add: most remaining fields, locking parts of the document.
  6. Excel add: locking cells.
  7. Reviewing the entire wiki to make it easier to find the information you need.
  8. New videos where the U.I. has changed noticeably.

We’re also going to refactor the layout portion of the engine. This is the part that takes the complete report after the data is merged in, and lays it out on the page which is positioning, soft line & page breaks, etc. When we complete this you should not see any change. But it then gives us the ability to add support for items like footnotes.

As always, if you have questions please email or call me.