Finding the perfect (IBM style) Quiet Keyboard

My hearing is not good (too many rock concerts when I was younger – and boy was that worth it). But I recently got the latest technology in hearing aids which is a gigantic improvement over the state of the art 5 years ago. And with these new ears I discovered something – The World is Too Damn Loud.

I had an old IBM keyboard and it turns out, it is very very noisy. When I mentioned that to others they said that yes, they could always tell when I was programming because they could hear my keyboard – and we all have individual offices. And so, that began the quest to find a quiet keyboard.

I first got a Logitech MK520. It’s a nice keyboard and super quiet. But the keys are not as distinct and the travel is not as far as the old IBM. And I like the physical feel of the old IBM style. SO quiet, but not the right physical keys.

So next I got the latest & “quietest” Unicomp keyboard. It’s not. Maybe slightly quieter than the model I had – but barely. Very very noisy.

And then I tried the Datacomp. They say it’s quiet. Again, not much different from my 10 year old super loud keyboard. No better than any regular loud keyboard.

Next came the dasKeyboard silent model. It’s not. In fact they have a video showing the noise level of their regular and their silent models – and they are pretty much the same. Quieter than the Unicomp but still really really noisy.

So next came the Matias Quiet Pro Keyboard (thank you engadget). We have a winner. This is a very quiet keyboard that has the full feel and travel of a classic IBM keyboard. I love it.

Note: If the Matias was not quiet I was next going to try the Realforce keyboard. It may also be quiet.

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