We Screwed Up (actually I screwed up)

We should have asked. Instead, because I said it would be no big deal, we sent out an email to all of our customers saying we were going to drop support for obsolete formats in version 12.1. I figured that everyone had moved beyond RTF for templates and WordML/SpreadsheetML for anything. Boy was I wrong. Even SpreadsheetML, that dead-end format that was for Excel 2003 only, is being used by a number of our customers. And I don’t think RTF or XLS will ever be given up (which is too bad).

Based on the response we sent out a follow-on email the next day saying we will continue support for all of the old formats until no one is using them anymore. I apologize to everyone for stating we were going to do this instead of asking if these formats are still in use. This was 100% my fault. I’m sorry.

On the plus side it gave our CEO a chance to talk to a lot of our customers.