Win $2πK

I had this awesome idea for a marketing event at a conference. Brilliant. Would get a gigantic response. Except… the cost was not worth the return for us.

So here is the idea for anyone else to use.

You pass out cards like the one on the right (substitute in your URL for ours). Each card has a unique number and the numbers are not consecutive. On the back of the card you print the contest details. You need to print the details on the back because many people won’t go to a URL blindly.

Then you hand out these cards at a conference. You want a small number of cards compared to total conference attendees. At most 5% of the total number of attendees.

And here’s the contest.

Individuals need to go to the website and enter both the number and their email address. (You may want to restrict emails to business domains only, or only emails of people registered at the conference if that is available to you). So each code has one or more email addresses registered to it. And once an email is registered against one number, it cannot be registered against another. So an individual is tied to one number and one number only.

At the end of the conference, the card number with the largest number of emails registered is the winning number. You then hold a random drawing from just those email addresses and the winner gets $6,283.18. This is what makes this work so well – anyone registering their email address now wants others to register. To win, they need the most emails registered against the number. So they will pass it on. And that person will pass it on.

The end result is everyone at the conference has registered, because they first have been encouraged by someone else to register, and they are then in and will pass it on asking another to register.

What killed it for us? It wasn’t worth 6K to get the email of every attendee at any of the conferences we exhibit at. It’s gotta be worth that. But if you are at a conference where it’s worth 6K to get all the attendees emails, this will do it. And you don’t have to be an exhibitor to pull this off.

If you do this, please let me know how it worked.