Sencha based javascript Microsoft Office ribbon menu

I’ve put together a basic Microsoft Office ribbon built on top of Sencha Ext JS. You can download it here.

There’s a reasonable amount left to do. What I’ll be adding in the near future:

  1. Handle the layout better. At the moment it requires the table container and that’s row major while menu items are viewed as column major.
  2. Have an option to layout a series of controls in 2 rows in a group.
  3. Inline galleries (like selecting a paragraph style in Word).

There’s also things it needs that I will not be adding, but I hope someone else will:

  1. Take a pass on the CSS. I’m not good at CSS so there are places where it could be better.
    1. Especially the menu header style!
  2. Compressing button groups if the screen isn’t wide enough.
  3. Paste drop-down menu where it’s multiple buttons on a row.
  4. Display as standard (not ribbon) menu.
  5. Screentip/supertip
  6. Quick Access toolbar.
  7. Backstage.
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