The EuroClub was Amazing

I went Sunday night expecting to stay until maybe 10:30 (because I’m way to old to party or stay up that late) and the next thing I knew it was 1:30am. It was amazing, absolutely amazing.

I don’t think you can find a venue outside of the EuroClub where you get this level of talent, from this many groups, in one night. And all in a small venue that holds maybe 300 people so you’re right up there in front of the stage where everyone has a great location.

Ruth definitely was the most amazing act up there. No one back in America will believe me when I tell them that the best rendition of Rolling on the River ever made is a girl group in Spain. But she blew that one out of the water along with several other numbers. She had the entire audience enthralled.

Conchita was a close second and clearly the crowd favorite. She also did a number of songs including two encores due to crowd demand. She does an amazing job of reaching out and grabbing you with her delivery.

Twin-Twin was also superb. They, like Jessy Matador, sing a musical style that is uniquely French and makes you get up and move. Their energy was off the charts and infected the entire audience. If you ever get the chance to see them live in a small venue – GO!

Hersi sang several songs including a rendition of I Will Always Love You that was damn close to Whitney’s best. She also did something that I think was very smart, she did not sing her ESC entry, it was all other songs. It got across what a versatile talent she is and I think that helps in the vote.

They also had a female singer from South Africa up on stage for a bit and she was good. Incredibly good. Awesome warm up act.

Basim & Freaky Fortune feat/RiskyKidd were both good, but not up to the level of the other 4. They have their supporters but seeing them right after the others here, I don’t think they’ll do that well in the contest.

And we had several of the artists in the audience. I met OVI & Paula (Paula gave me a kiss on both cheeks when I met them!) and they were mobbed. The two of them come across as Eurovision royalty (which they are) and are both extremely poised.

Poland’s group was there too and I think about 2 million people got their picture taken with the two background singers who have the impressive assets. I also saw Teo (Belarus) and Suzy (Portugal). Suzy also comes across as very gracious and poised.

Kudos to all of the artists who happily smiled for picture after picture after picture. I felt bad that they didn’t get to enjoy the show and just watch the music like the rest of us. But they mad a lot of fans very very happy.

I also met a lot of nice people there. there is something infectiously happy about the EuroClub evenings (and actually all of Eurovision) that makes for a wondrous evening. I’m way too old for dance clubs – and I had a blast.