The Four Greatest Crimes of the First Semi-Final

The results of the first semi-final had four gross miscarriages of justice. Call the police level of crime. Europe, what were you thinking?



This was a beautiful evocative song celebrating what mothers give us. If you have a heart it brought tears to your eyes. It ripped out your heartstrings better than any other entry except Hungary. It deserved top 10 in the final. I hope the mothers of every jury member that did not put this in the top 5 has a “discussion” with their child. A long & painful discussion.


WTF? This was the worst song of the night. This is the one song that made me wish I was at home instead of the arena so I could take a 3 minute bathroom break. And this made it while the others on this list did not. Europe, you clearly showed the judgment skills of a preschooler. And for this you need to go into time-out.


Ok, so Suzy did not come out of a disco ball spaceship. But this was every bit as good a number with an Iberian flair. This is the quintessential Eurovision number and there must be an entry like this in the final. I’m guessing this lost due to the jury vote. If so, then the juries don’t understand what Eurovision is.


How, how, how did Moldova lose when Azerbaijan won? Cristina had the most interesting voice of any act last night. Incredible presence and personality in her presentation. An act that supported the song perfectly. A very strong and interesting song. And she sang it beautifully. Were the votes going elsewhere out of habit? Because Cristina deserved to be in the top 5 of the semi.