Table Value Parameters in an Update

Table Value Parameters are really powerful, but there’s almost no documentation (here’s the best I found, and this helps a bit) on how to use them in an Update. So here we go:

First create a type in the database (not a table). You do this as follows:


( UserId INT,

  BandwidthThisMonth BIGINT,

  MailsHeldThisMonth BIGINT,



Then you code it up as follows:

protected virtual void _UpdateStatus(IDbConnection conn, IEnumerable<UserStatus> userStatus)



    // put the params in a table

    DataTable table = new DataTable();

    table.Columns.Add("UserId", typeof(int));

    table.Columns.Add("BandwidthThisMonth", typeof(long));

    table.Columns.Add("MailsHeldThisMonth", typeof (long));

    table.Columns.Add("MostRecentEmail", typeof (DateTime));

    foreach (UserStatus statOn in userStatus)

        table.Rows.Add(statOn.UserId, statOn.AdditionalBandwidth, statOn.AdditionalMailsHeld, statOn.MostRecentEmail);


    using (IDbCommand cmd = conn.CreateCommand())


        cmd.CommandText = "update [User] set " +

                          "[User].BandwidthThisMonth = [User].BandwidthThisMonth + stats.BandwidthThisMonth, " +

                          "[User].MailsHeldThisMonth = [User].MailsHeldThisMonth + stats.MailsHeldThisMonth, " +

                          "[User].MostRecentEmail = stats.MostRecentEmail " +

                          "from [User] inner join @TableStats as stats on [User].UserId = stats.UserId";



            new SqlParameter()


                ParameterName = "@TableStats",

                SqlDbType = SqlDbType.Structured,

                TypeName = "ParamsUserStats",

                Value = table,







You are creating a DataTable that matches the type you added to the database. You then join this passed in table to the table you are updating, and the rest is pretty straightforward.

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