Welfward and the Elders

Welfward and the Elders


Here we are in the midst of the holiday season and with this comes the fun little creatures called Elves.  I’d like to introduce you to our elves….Welfward (or Welf as his friends call him), Dr. Wilbur, Fred and Finrod.   These elves are a little special.  The come from Midgard…not just any part of Midgard…but the Windward side of Midgard.  (most people don’t know that this even exists!)

Now in Midgard, each new elf is given a set of elders on December 1st to train them during the holiday season.  These elders mentor and help the elf to grow into a mature helpful elf.  Most every elfs goal is to become an elder.  But depending on the elves interests, they may want to venture off into something exciting that they have been exposed to during their training.  (Maybe Welf will become a software developer, or go into marketing or sales!)

So Welf has been assigned one of the highest ranking elves in Midgard.  Dr. Wilbur.  Dr. Wilbur is a very wise (and a bit finicky) elf.   He wears green with red trim because of his infinite wisdom and Elf ranking.  Don’t let his uptightness fool you.  He acts like jokes bother him, but really he looks at it as a challenge to one up the jokster.

Next we have Finrod who wears red with green trim.  Finrod is another very wise elder.  Not as old as Dr. Wilbur, and more skilled in the arts rather than the psychology of the elf.  He also is quite the practical joker.  Which doesn’t always sit well with Dr. Wilbur.

Then we have Fred.  Fred is the youngest of the elders.  He’s a bit on the shy side.  The others tend to pick on him a bit and tends to be the target of most practical jokes.  Because of this he tries to stay out of everyone’s way and keep his opinions to himself.  (unless he has ale!)  Fred wears red with no trim…once he passes his final Elders test he will receive his trim.  He’s hoping to get this after successfully mentoring Welf.

Over the next month we are going to observe the tasks and assignments that the elders have for Welf.  So stay tuned each day to see what happens with Welfward and the Elders!