The elf posse have started to relax a little this week.  We are seeing some alliances form and personalities develop.

When we left them last, Marketing seemed to be quite the place to be.  Welf took a bit of a snack break on his way into our CEO’s office.  Once they got in there, Finrod decided he was going to have a little fun with Dr. Wilbur.  And it seems Fred is being picked on quite a bit.  I’m wondering how long it will take before Fred has enough and starts to fight back!


20131206_130929 (1)

Welf giving his buddy Fred a big hug


Welf showing Fred how to use the stapler


Dr. Wilbur and Finrod trying to help Sheldon make a decisio20131205_144154


Poor Fred…


Welf hasn’t quite caught on to the concept of a fork