Coded UI Testing, from an intern's perspective

Hired as an intern straight from my freshman/junior year of college!  Forget about the freshman/junior year part. I’m here to talk about being an intern, and I’m qualified to do that because.. Well, quite frankly, I’m An Intern and you probably aren’t (anymore or yet).

I started working at Windward on Monday this week (14th of May) and coming into work the first day I was excited, nervous, and I don’t know how many other emotions were floating through my head.  I came in, right away I met Sandy who showed me to my desk and introduced me to Tomas and Dave.  And then Dave started talking to me.  This is important because I really hope the other interns who are starting here soon are able to read this sometime between their first and second days!

Dave can be an intimidating guy. Or maybe it was just the amount of stuff he started throwing at me on the first day. But either way I started off feeling like I was way behind on everything I needed to make a successful career as a software developer intern.  For one thing, everybody told me to blog and I never thought I could successfully write a blog post that made sense!  I hadn’t used Visual Studio since middle school when I used something like Visual Studio 2005 or whatever came before that, the only user interface stuff I had ever done was in Visual Basic 6 (although that was a pretty important milestone in my programming career), and here I am sitting with Visual Studio 2010 Premium, asked to figure out how to run Coded UI Tests.

Wow! I did not feel like anything important on that first day, but I think other interns out there can relate. The definition of intern is actually “not important.”  (Just kidding, but don’t look that up! The first result on is scary!)

However, my second day went much better, my third day I started feeling a little more valuable, and now today I’ve got a nice routine, I’m already filing bug reports and running tests and I feel pretty knowledgeable in the software I work with!  That is to say, your first day is probably going to suck. A lot.  But make sure you show back up on the second day and everything will probably be fine  .Remind me to re-read this next time I’m experiencing a first day :)

Looks like VS2010 SP1 finished installing. Back to work!

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I'm a computer engineering student at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, intern at Windward Studios in Boulder and I love to read on my Kindle. I'm interested in parallel programming and high performance computing--hope to study that in graduate school after graduating. Favorite book series is the Ender's Game series by Orson Scott Card and I watch Star Trek occasionally--also a fan of the Avengers, especially Iron Man.

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Love creating reports? Right! Here is a way to get out of it!