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Polyphasic Sleeping: Day one of Every...

Polyphasic Sleeping: Day one of Everyman-2

I’m really not going to focus on making a “production-level” blog post in this. The fact is I don’t usually write so it takes me hours when I write a blog post. I’m just going to drain my mind in this one and hopefully limit it to three paragraphs. I started polyphasic sleeping over the […]

Khan Academy from a Homeschool Studen...

Khan Academy from a Homeschool Student’s Perspective: Goalsetting

Me as a Homeschooler I was homeschooled. I think that word is pretty funny. It doesn’t seem normal to say “schooled” in any other way, and Microsoft Word insists that I separate “home” and “schooled” into two separate words. I ain’t complainin’, I was home learned! Nevertheless, my parents homeschooled me all the way through […]

HTML5 and Uniting the Web

HTML5 and Uniting the Web

Do you remember what web pages used to look like? On the right is a picture of MSN from 2000, taken with the Wayback Machine. Quite different from MSN today isn’t it? Today, MSN is powered by HTML5, at least in parts if not altogether. But just what is HTML5? Is it another buzzword that […]

Rushing Will Only Waste Your Time: Ur...

Rushing Will Only Waste Your Time: Urgency Is Better

Maybe to some people, rushing to get things done saves time because you are always working with a purpose, or because you simply work quicker.  Well, quite frankly, I find this to be extremely false with multiple experiences to back that up.  If the term “rush hour” doesn’t immediately clear things up for you, read […]

Why Unit Tests are useful, even for s...

Why Unit Tests are useful, even for small projects!

When do unit tests matter?  Well for large amounts of production code, they are required or you’ll ship the buggiest code–every new feature or old fix breaks something else and you won’t know it until your manager Bob fires you for shipping the worst possible code. (no offense to any managers named “Bob”, it’s just […]

Code Wars – From an intern̵...

Code Wars – From an intern’s perspective

I had the privilege of participating in the test run of Windward’s Code Wars, and I have to say, I wish I could compete again in the real deal.  It was a lot of fun, I realized there are things in it for everyone whether you are a freshmen who hasn’t learned much more than program control […]

Generate C++ compiler warnings (or er...

Generate C++ compiler warnings (or errors) for unfinished implementations

This is mainly geared towards students in computer science and related majors, I’m not sure if this is a best practice in the real world (there are probably all sorts of other proprietary TOOLS to manage your C++ projects for you) So here’s the scenario.  I’ve got a C++ project, and in each assignment, I […]

Move “Program Files” to a...

Move “Program Files” to another drive in Windows 7 and 8

This article is about moving your Program Files directory to another drive using junction points.  Read on to find out how, or try your search again A note on the title: I can verify this works on Windows 7 and 8, rumor has it that it will also work on Vista.  Rumor also has it […]

Cui Word Add-In Field Support

Cui Word Add-In Field Support

I ran into a problem with Coded UI Testing, and Word Add-Ins.  Specifically, I couldn’t assert the code of a field in the document.. Hold on. Let me give you a more dramatic introduction: -(losers that want to get straight to the point can skip to paragraph 7) I was tasked with using the Coded […]

My First Day: My First Blog Post

My First Day: My First Blog Post

Hired as an intern straight from my freshman/junior year of college!  Forget about the freshman/junior year part. I’m here to talk about being an intern, and I’m qualified to do that because.. Well, quite frankly, I’m An Intern and you probably aren’t (anymore or yet). I started working at Windward on Monday this week (14th […]




I'm a computer engineering student at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, intern at Windward Studios in Boulder and I love to read on my Kindle. I'm interested in parallel programming and high performance computing--hope to study that in graduate school after graduating. Favorite book series is the Ender's Game series by Orson Scott Card and I watch Star Trek occasionally--also a fan of the Avengers, especially Iron Man.

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Love creating reports? Right! Here is a way to get out of it!
Love creating reports? Right! Here is a way to get out of it!