Are Software Engineers or Marketers More Creative?

As someone in marketing,  I am expected to be creative. Creative in the way that those in advertising are creative. Colors, sizes, shapes and layout should matter very much. But to me numbers, words and context matter more, and then colors, sizes, shapes and layout come into play.

I’ve been content with this, and have never given much thought to the role that creativity plays in the field of computer science or software programming until pipe cleaners showed up at our company meeting recently. Long, brightly colored pipe cleaners.

Windward's Reporting Software Engineers are Creative

Big deal right? Actually it was, to me. It was primarily the genius and creative prowess of our programmers (our CTO and our development team) that so nimbly made the straight wires into clever shapes.



I wanted to sort them by color but someone else in marketing beat me to it.

Taking letters and numbers and converting them into code that  in turn means a particular keystroke can do this or that, by default, means you are creative.

My pipe cleaner display

Also, taking a series of words, and putting it in a particular place within a channel of activity, that in turn means a mouse click translates into interest, is also creative.


That’s what’s cool about reporting  software. You have a lot of important code going in from the programmers so that   marketers and others can in turn use it to creatively display data in such a way that a message is communicated, creatively of course!