From Windward Reports to Windward – Enterprise Reporting Software and Beyond

Companies evolve.

Take Xerox, which was around for almost 50 years before introducing the machine that became synonymous with its manufacturer.

Grinding wheels -- predecessor to the Post-it note? (Thanks to Solaris2006 of Wikimedia Commons for this cool photo.)

Or a company now famous for Post-it notes and Scotch Tape that started out selling…

Any guesses?

…a mineral for making grinding wheels.

We’re evolving, too. Windward began as a game software company (the creators of Enemy Nations), but after a twist of fate – if a cancer diagnosis can be called something as innocuous as a twist – we turned our efforts to developing enterprise reporting software. And that’s where we’ve been for nearly a decade.

But we’re now at another stage in our evolution. Lately, along with reporting, we’ve been creating software for other data insight and analysis solutions, like document generation, ad hoc business intelligence and web-based reporting.

Aloha, Windward Reports. Aloha, Windward.

Our name is changing to reflect that. Instead of Windward Reports, we’re now Windward. Our original name, Windward Studios, is being resurrected for special projects.

And with the name change comes a new website with a new look, layout and focus. We invite you to check it out. And as always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.