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AutoTag 11 is officially here

Today we announced the official release of AutoTag 11. You’ll find an updated list of current, planned and deprecated features in our wiki, but here’s the three-minute rundown of what’s available in the latest version:

The chart in this template carries right over into the output as a chart.

Native Charts. If you have a chart in a template that is a regular Office chart (aka a native chart), the chart will carry over to the report. So you have unique control over data that appears as a configurable Office chart or image. See an example and read more details here.

Versatile Charts and Bitmaps. Excel and PowerPoint users spoke, and we listened. When you use tags to create a chart in Word, you can make the chart be a chart in the output instead of a fixed image (change the colors, title, or otherwise reformat it – or keep it fixed if you wish). This feature was popular, and now you can do the same when designing reports in Excel and PowerPoint. Bitmap tags in Excel and PowerPoint also render as configurable bitmaps in the output.

More embedding. AutoTag 11 lets you embed objects and display them as they are meant to be displayed, even if the template interface (MS Office) does not understand the object. For instance, Word can take a schematic from a CAD program and call upon the CAD program to render it. Plus, Office Shapes and SmartArt also now render in reports.

The AutoTag debugger. From AutoTag you will be able to run a template and stop in the debugger as it extracts and/or applies tags generating the report. This should help a lot in tracking down subtle errors in the run-time logic of a template.

Hyphenated text. By default, hyphenation is turned off in MS Office. Now you can turn on hyphenated text.


Windward simplifies the document generation
process by allowing you to design reports in Microsoft
Word, Excel or PowerPoint.


Windward simplifies the document gener-
ation process by allowing you to design
reports in Microsoft Word, Excel or Power-

The new Bookmark tag. You can now place bookmarks in the template using a select. These can be linked to from hyperlinks.

We admit it. That’s one UGLY slide.

Nickname support for PowerPoint. The number one request from PowerPoint users was to reduce the tags from the long full text of a tag to a nickname (as we can do in Word and Excel). One of our developers came up with a really interesting way to do this – we made them hyperlinks.

PDF/A support. Documents can now be output in Portable Document Format Archive. I covered this in an earlier post a couple weeks ago.

Remember – upgrading is free as part of your yearly maintenance contract. We invite you to check these out for yourself.