Productive Data Solutions: Document Generation Done Right

Here’s one way to do document generation. You create a document, make hundreds of copies, grab a trusty gallon bottle of Wite-Out, paint over all the specific information, and manually enter relevant data in each copy.

Sounds ridiculous, right?

Unfortunately, this isn’t too far off from the approach many companies take toward document generation. They needlessly waste time and energy only to end up with an inferior product.

Productive data solutions means using your data, um, productively. It’s document generation at its best.

What to look for in a document generation system

When evaluating docgen software, be sure to look for the following:

Flexible Format 

Advanced docgen software provides you with a flexible format.  Instead of a limiting three-section layout, it allows every piece of information, no matter the size, to be easily imported and exported into a document.

Intelligent Data Handling

Productive document generation software enables you set rules regarding which data should be pulled into a document and what should be excluded.  This allows for fast and efficient processes while better tailoring each document to its target customer.

Skip the limiting formats and instead use a flexible design interface such as MS Word.

An Easy-to-Use Program

A program that is easy to use and requires virtually no learning curve will significantly increase the speed at which projects get completed.  Also, when the business user can quickly become a master of document generation, developers will no longer be needed to build documents or operate the software.

Compatibility with Existing Systems

Great docgen software is compatible with a variety of programming languages and data sources. Companies don’t have to spend time putting data into other formats or invest in new equipment or developer training.

Windward’s approach to productive data solutions

At Windward, we believe the most productive data solutions are those that everyone – not just IT specialists – can use. That’s why our document generation products are based on Microsoft Word as the design interface. MS Word is a ubiquitous, straight-forward, flexible program that business users already know.

Want to know more about productive document generation? Contact The Windward Sales Team and they’ll put you in touch with our white paper How To Do Document Generation Right.

How a 15-hour Saturday Can Change Your View on Software Engineers and Code Wars

After spending a 15-hour Saturday with a group of very-talented software engineers, I have to say I have a much stronger appreciation for the way they think.

I’m  in marketing and initially believed that sitting at a computer and typing in a language that will not benefit you when ordering a cup of coffee in a charming little (insert any country) village, lacks imagination. Lacks humor. Lacks the freedom of being creative.

I was wrong!

Taking a step back, I had to learn what to call my colleagues. Software Engineer, Computer Programmer, or Programmer. provides the following definitions

Definition of Computer Programmer
OK, makes sense. This is what a computer programmer does.

Define software engineer