Spring Forward with Web-based Reporting Software

Just in time for this weekend – yes, THIS weekend – we’ve released an update to our Javelin web-based reporting software that will help ease you through the transition to Daylight Savings Time.

(Time change isn’t happening in your area this weekend? Then check out this map we found that lists the time change around the globe. Pretty interesting.)

The automated report scheduler has always helped make sure your reports and documents are distributed exactly when you need them to be. Now the latest upgrade means Javelin will interface directly with your business workflow management systems.

Integration with company workflow systems

The upgraded ability to integrate scheduled reports with your company workflow systems means you can easily track when reports are generated for review. Plus, you can create custom notifications when reports are generated to tie into your custom software systems.

Time change got you down? With Javelin you can sleep like a baby, knowing your reports are right on schedule.

And if you’re suffering from sleep deprivation because of the Daylight Savings switch – no worries.

You don’t have to worry about remembering to distribute reports on time, because Javelin web reporting software allows reports to be created and run automatically with its “set it and forget it” scheduling.

Lastly, keep in mind that about 70 countries in the world observe Daylight Saving Time. And Windward is in use by companies in 70 countries around the world. Coincidence? We think not!