Windward Now Supports JSON reporting

Good news, JSON enthusiasts – you now have another option for reporting on your data straight out of the box.

Windward has added JSON reporting to our long list of compatible data sources. New to version 11, you can take live data right out of JSON – no need to re-render it in any way – and plug it into your reports and documents.

How it Works

Creating a report is a three-step process:

Displaying your JSON data is as easy as connecting to it with the Datasource Wizard.
Got JSON? No problem. There’s no need to re-render your data with Windward.
  1. Connect directly to your JSON data source via the data wizard.
  2. Design your template in Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint.
  3. Generate your report or document in the Windward Engine to a wide range of formats, including DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, PDF, HTML, direct to printer, RTF, XLS, WordML, TXT, and CSV.

And if you’re new to Windward, you may want to know that we also directly support data stored in SQL databases, XML files, Excel spreadsheets, SharePoint lists and REST databases. Learn more about our data solutions.

JSON Beta Testers

JSON reporting is currently in beta testing. Interested in becoming a beta tester? Please contact our sales team.