Free and On-Demand: Surefire DNS Failover on a Budget Webinar

Update Sept. 10: Was your company affected by the GoDaddy outage this week? Read here about a solution created to keep websites like yours up 24/7.

What’s that — you missed the webinar showing how we save tens of thousands of dollars a year while ensuring our website is always on, always up?

No worries; you can now view it anytime you like. It’s posted online at Surefire DNS Failover on a Budget.

The Pay It Forward webinars

Before we get into the details of the webinar, let’s get one thing out of the way for the skeptics and/or cynics among you.

We created the webinar because we believe in giving back to the community. We’ve gotten a lot of help in getting our company from its beginnings to where it is today, and we’ve made a point of blogging about solutions that have assisted us. This is the latest in that string of tips and tricks we’ve found that have made our company successful.

It’s also the first, as in the first official Pay It Forward webinar. In the coming months we plan to share additional solutions that might benefit your business, whether you use our enterprise reporting software or not.

Ryan’s three-in-one plan

Okay, onto the details of how to achieve a global website failover solution at a fraction of the cost of most commercial solutions.

Ryan Fligg, an IT strategist here at Windward, was finding that cloud web-hosting solutions were not proving 100% reliable, so he began looking to achieve greater control of our web deployment. He was impressed with Akamai, which he calls the “gold standard,” but the high price tag was a turn-off.

So Ryan did a little investigating and he came up with a three-part solution.

He created it from three components: EdgeDirector, which offers DNS services for geo-targeted load balancing; WatchDirectory, which pushes updates to sites and responds in real time; and Ultima Systems, a local hosting provider that allows a company to load test prior to going live.

Surefire DNS Failover results

After implementing this solution, Windward saw:

  • “Five nines” (99.999%) uptime for less than $7K a year.
  • Better bandwidth and a more responsive website for a user base outside of the US
  • Improved SEO through decreased website load times

And now you can see how we did it for yourself. Just head on over to .