Calling All Interns! Windward’s Software Internship Program

Hey, computer science students. Now that the school year has begun, have you started thinking about what you want to do next summer?

That’s right — the time to think about that is now.

Timing is Everything

The goal of our program is to help talented software engineers get a head start when applying for summer software internships.

Why is that such a big deal? Because those internships are what propel students into lucrative software engineering jobs. To sum it up:

  1. You get a local internship during the school year.
  2. You parlay that experience into a great summer internship.
  3. You use that summer internship to land a great, “real” job.

And because students start applying en masse for summer internships in February (or earlier), you need to get that school-year internship underway now.

The Windward Software Internship Program

The Windward internship program provides a range of opportunities for computer science students. (We also offer internships to marketing, business and other students.)

Interns learn new technology, frameworks and software. They gain a greater understanding of other departments. And they challenge themselves by branching out into tasks that are unfamiliar.

Plus, Windward interns get a behind-the-scenes look at Code Wars, aka the international intercollegiate programming championships and one of the top student code war competitions in the world.



The Clock is Ticking

One last word of advice to students from our founder and CTO, Dave Thielen. Think you don’t have time for a school-year internship on top of your schoolwork?

Make the time. Companies need people who are smart, can create amazing things, and are incredibly productive.

So do your best to grab that school-year internship now. The rewards pay off big time in the long run.