Meet Cordie Byrd, Windward’s New Director of Sales

This week Cordie Byrd joined the Windward team as the new Director of Sales.

Cordie comes to us with 14 years of sales and leadership experience, most recently with CrestoneCRM. You can read the official bio on our About Us page, or you can also visit Cordie Byrd’s LinkedIn profile.

Or you can check out our top 10 list.

Top Ten Interesting Things About Cordie Byrd
  1. He joined the U.S. Army shortly before the U.S. entered the Persian Gulf War.
  2. He was part of the 101st Airborne Division and Special Operations Task Force.
  3. He received an Achievement Medal for combat operations in Somalia, among numerous other awards.
  4. He earned a B.A. in Management from Trevecca University (go Trojans!)
  5. He also earned an MBA from Gonzaga University (go Bulldogs!)
  6. He was ranked #1 Sales executive in the country — out of 3,200 — while at Danka Office Imaging.
  7. He did this while simultaneously attending and graduating college.
  8. He was the #1 Top Sales Executive for three years running at CrestoneCRM.
  9. He is a skilled coach and mentor.
  10. He is the only Cordie Byrd in Colorado (as far as we can tell).

Welcome, Cordie!