There’s a new kid (the SSRS report definition file conversion tool) in town!

So you’ve finally ditched SSRS and switched to Windward for reporting — but you’re stuck with a bunch of old report templates that you need to manually recreate?

Think again. We’ve released an SSRS converter tool that will let you convert an existing SSRS report definition file to a Windward template, automatically.

The Windward approach

Because our approach to report design is radically different from that used by most other systems (btw, it’s what makes Windward so much better), conversion isn’t 100% automated. Key points:

Get that old SSRS template into Windward shape with our new report conversion tool.
Get that old SSRS template into Windward shape with our new report conversion tool.
  • Select statements generally come across okay because we never change these.
  • Objects such as text, tables, charts, etc. convert just fine.
  • Object positioning may need tweaking. SSRS objects have a fixed position on the page, but our convertor instead makes them part of the Word document flow.
  • Programming, events, etc. do not come across. Windward eliminates the need for most of this, and where you do need it our approach is very different.
And Crystal, too!

The tool is also useful for those using a system other than SSRS prior to switching to Windward. If you can convert those templates to SSRS, you can then convert them to Windward.

For example, if you were using Crystal, just follow a two-step process:

  1. Convert from Crystal to SSRS templates using a tool such as or (Windward makes no guarantees about these companies).
  2. Use the SSRS –> Windward conversion tool.

And of course, once the templates are converted, they will be fully-featured Windward templates, ready to make use of all the power and flexibility that we provide.

Learn more about template conversion in our documentation wiki.