Get On-Demand Training with the Revamped Windward Tutor

Looking for help getting started with Windward? You’ll find the assistance you need via the newly redesigned Windward Tutor, a one-stop shop for short walkthroughs of common AutoTag functions.


Dozens of How-Tos on Tags, Wizards, Connections and More

Here are just a few of the things you can master with Tutor’s help:

    • Inserting a tag. AutoTag uses “tags” as placeholders for data, calculations or the output of dynamic operations. These tutorials cover the basics of using each tag.
    • Connecting to data sources. Windward lets you connect to data using an easy and reliable datasource connector. Each training snippet covers a different data type, so choose one to fit your needs!


  • Creating tables. Want to display or format each row of data the same way as the last? The ForEach tag tutorial will guide you through the process.
  • Setting variables in reports. Set a date range, select a name, or simply type a title. You’ll pick up the basics you need to know to create and use variables.
  • Using wizards to select data. The data wizards provide a neat, clean and easy-to-use interface when you use “advanced” features such as filtering data or joining tables. Learn how to use the SQL Wizard, XML Wizard, or OData Wizard.
  • Accessing sample templates. Tutor introduces you to AutoTag’s sample templates, which may be the easiest way to get started creating customized reports and documents.

 Check out the new tutorials!