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Georgia Institute of Technology Crowned 2014 Windward Code Wars Champ!

Georgia Tech Defeats Colorado School of Mines and University of Maryland — College Park in Thrilling Final Round

Congrats to the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, a team of students Ben Cousins, Sadra Yazdanbod, Yijie Wang, and Zhongtian Jiang, who took home the coveted glass sailboat trophy this weekend!

They beat runner-up Over Developed from Colorado School of Mines by a final round score of 103 to 94.3. In a very close challenge, third place went to String Theory from the University of Maryland College Park with a final score of 94.0.

We had a blast and the students did too, as you could see in the postings, videos and emails that made their way around this weekend. Here are five fun images from the 2014 Code Wars.


The front page of The Rocky Mountain Collegian, school newspaper of Colorado State University. As student Pash Volchak says, “Computer science is all about…being creative and creating a better algorithm, because even a monkey can be taught to write code.”


Greta Gadbois at Harvey Mudd posted on the school’s Facebook page: “TEAM TINY HIPPO MADE THE FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!! Good enough is enough!!!!!!!”


Baubles from a sunken treasure chest? No, it’s the Code Wars robot trophies mixing it up. alexandria selfie

A selfie from the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University team. Code Wars’ first Egyptian competitors.


The finals round. Look at those A.I.s go!

It’s Here! The 2014 Windward Code Wars

Competition set for tomorrow at 10 am local time

We’re just hours away from the start of the third annual Windward Code Wars.

Tomorrow more than 300 students are going to sit down and code. A few will give up, some will find it frustrating, and a number will find it just okay.

But the vast majority will love it. It will be a tough and challenging day and at the end they will feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Many will say it was one of their best days at school.

A Global Contest

This year registrants come from three different continents: North America, Europe and Africa. They include:
Who will take home the 2014 Windward Code Wars trophy?

Local Appeal, Too

Last year the contest was won by a team in our own backyard from Colorado State University. Colorado will be well represented again in 2014, with Colorado School of Mines and University of Colorado-Boulder also registered.

Plus, there are plenty of schools from throughout North America ready to take the challenge.

Catch the Action Live

Want to watch the action unfold? Visit the Code Wars finals scores and videos. This page will start updating February 2nd, 2014 12:00PM Mountain Time (GMT -7:00).


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