Microsoft Office 2013 Templates — Yowza!

Here at Windward we usually focus (not surprisingly) on the great things AutoTag can do, and we don’t talk a lot about the program into which it is integrated. After all, that’s a large part of the reason customers buy AutoTag — they already know Microsoft Word and Excel so they can jump right in and start designing templates.

A sales invoice template.
A sales invoice template.

But after taking a close look at the new Microsoft Office 2013 templates, well, it’s time for a change of pace.

Contracts, letters, statements and more

“Comprehensive.” “Vitally useful.” “Visually stunning.”

These are just a few of the adjectives we’ve heard around the office when looking at the latest set of Office 2013 templates.

Why are we so bullish on these new templates? Because, as our CTO David Thielen says,

These new templates are not only bodaciously beautiful, they’re extremely valuable. Businesses will save boatloads of time because the bulk of the document design has already been done for them.


The templates cover a range of documents and reports, such as:

  • Mail merge letters. Hook them up to your AutoTag data and automatically insrt names, addresses, greetings and text.
  • Contract for sale of goods. The contract template has spots for everything you expect, including seller and buyer information, deal terms, and price of items sold.
  • Services quote. As with all AutoTag templates, the output will expand or contract to fit your data.
  • Nondisclosure agreement. Office 2013 templates include featured templates from LegalZoom such as the employee NDA along with additional nondisclosure agreements as well.
  • Partnership agreement. The general partnership agreement is just one of the many templates available through Docstoc, an electronic document repository.
Some of the new Office 2013 templates.
Some of the new Office 2013 templates.
 AutoTag automates Office 2013 templates

If you’re already a Windward customer, you can stop reading now.

But if you aren’t, here’s why you should consider becoming one. Because we make it easy connect an Office 2013 template to your data, whether it’s stored in an SQL database, XML file, Excel spreadsheet or virtually any other data source.

For more information, visit our web site or contact us at


What’s Up, Doc?

Windward’s new white paper is the definitive guide to document generation, document management, document automation and all things business document processes

You need an automated solution for your documents, but where do you start?

Right here is good.

We’ve just released a new white paper, “What’s Up, Doc?,” that covers the seemingly hundreds of terms related to document automation. It breaks down what each term means, shows you how they’re related, and introduces you to some key software programs and vendors in each arena.

The Scoop on Document ____ (fill in the blank)

BizDocTowerPart of the reason we put this guide together is that if you’re searching online for information, one of the most logical places to start is Google (or other favorite search engine.)

And that begs the question: what keywords do you enter?

Document generation? Document collaboration? Document creation? Document assembly? Or even something that doesn’t sound like any of these but is related, like mail merge?

You could enter any of these — and more — and come up with relevant information. So the first part of the guide is devoted to explaining just what each term means.

And the next part shows how they all work together, as seen in this nifty diagram:

From document generation to document conversion, the possible path of a business document.
From document generation to document conversion, the possible path of a business document.
 Document automation software

The white paper also gives a snapshot of a dozen vendors worldwide and describes their expertise in each area.

Windward’s document generation solution is featured, of course (complete with client testimonial showing the power of document generation), but we also introduce you to vendors such as Dokmee (document management software), Perforce Commons (document collaboration), and Neevia (document converter).

Download the free guide yourself by heading to



Now That’s Intern-tainment!

If you were ever an intern at a tech company, you maybe spent some time programming, or learning product marketing, or even — if you worked at a cool startup like Windward — failing at some task very publicly.

But you probably didn’t toodle around town in Banjo Billy’s Bus, collecting photos of rockets and street performers and statues of girls on benches.

Unless you interned in Boulder, that is.

The “Boulder Intern-tainment” Bus Tour and Scavenger Hunt

Last Friday was the inaugural (and we hope first annual) Boulder inter-business internship event.

Windward sponsored the Boulder Intern-tainment adventure, a combination bus tour/scavenger hunt that showed college students the fun side of living and working in Boulder — while giving them a great opportunity to get to know interns from a variety of companies.

All aboard!
All aboard!

About a dozen interns from Windward, AppliedTrust, PivotDesk and Standing Cloud showed up for the afternoon of merriment.

They boarded Banjo Billy’s bus, which took them through some of the more famous parts of Boulder, like Chautauqua, the 29th St. Mall, and the Pearl Street mall. Along the way the teams took photos of as many of the 80+ scavenger hunt items they could find.

They then ended with dinner at Five Guys, where the winning team was presented with a precious trophy.

The trophy says it all; Windward rocks.
The trophy says it all; Windward rocks.

Wendy Brooks, a Windward intern from Washington state, had a blast and said she had never done anything quite like this before.

It was a lot of fun to see all the new areas around town, and it was really cool to meet a bunch of new interns. It opened the gates to getting in touch with them in the future.

Thanks to everyone who participated. Hope to see you next year!