SouthWind, the XML NorthWind

My boss recently saw a significant amount of people on tech sites wanting a xml version of NorthWind, and we ourselves could also use a xml version of NorthWind to show off our reporting software.(By the way check out we make easy to use reporting software!) So being a software developer intern I was tasked with creating the file.

You might know that there are already NorthWind.xml files out there but these are raw rips, the version I have created comes with more “xml-e-ness”:

  • Things such as Order details are now sub elements. So instead of <root><order></order><orderDetail></orderDetail></root> we get <root><order><orderDetail></order Detail></order></root>
  • We have every element under its own element list so we have <root><employees><employee> instead of just <root><employee>
  • Images are bitmaps, I chopped off the OLE encoding Microsoft put on all the images.
  • Dates are formatted in YYYY-MM-DD
  • We have included a schema file
  • We have included the source code so you can make your own NorthWind xml file

After having NorthWind-Abboud(My last Name) rejected as the file name to differentiate it from the normal NothWind.xml files we had a flash of creativity and came up with SouthWind.Xml.

To the point, here’s the files, have fun:

SouthWind.Xml and Schema

Source Code

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