Simple way to mix with a php page

So your marketing department has just made a new website. They ask you to make some new forms for the webpage, but for some reason they handed you a bunch of php pages. Your old form code was all in! You have things to do besides this, they are pushing out the site live tomorrow, and you don’t really know why the pages need php but you need to get this done.

So after looking at a few pages on mixing php and together I said to hell with it and figured the quickest way was to just shove the old aspx pages into iFrames in the php pages.

Trim down your aspx page to fit in whatever sized container you need and it works.

Then marketing tells you they need the entire parent page to redirect after the submit form button is clicked, not just the iFrame. You can’t do this in so you need to use javascript. Simple way to call this after the form submit code has done whatever it needs to do is write a response back in your page behind code:

Turns out the website wasn’t live almost a week later, I think they lied to be me to make me work faster.

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