Help they’re making me work at Windward!

Recently I was asked to write a little about why I decided to work here at Windward full time come summer.

1) They’re a software company

I am graduating this spring so I have been mulling over where to work. I had already got an offer from Windward but I needed to look around at the competition. I had heard and seen big name companies like Raytheon and such drooling over computer science majors, someone I know was walking by a booth of a large non software company at a career fair when a guy spotted the Computer Science major on his nametag “You can program? We want to talk to you!”. Working at a big company that makes some impressive weapons sounded great but then I got to thinking that software developers are not the company. It’s their “hard” engineers and political and management games that make them. I don’t just want to program I want to create something.

2) Ideas are demanded and the work is challenging

We are encouraged to share all of our ideas related to our products or not. But we are not just encouraged, I have been in meetings where product ideas were straight up demanded from me and the penalty for not doing so was to be locked in the storage room and forced to write blogs until being devoured by a plague of nameless blog commenters (that last part is a slight exaggeration). The point is I’m involved in our products and not just a tool forced to program.

The other part of this is that I am constantly challenged; I get moved from different pieces of code, languages and technologies all the time. My workload is a hodgepodge of things that need to get done. This is the place to work if you want to be pushed to your limits. Then on top of that we are allowed to do specific things that we want to do on Friday afternoons, I remade one of our websites, made a chrome extension and some other stuff I cannot recall at the moment.

3) No hurt feelings over challenging questions

When I interviewed with them I was told to ask a challenging question of them, I asked my future boss why did the video game you create, enemy nations, fail? No hurt feelings over my boss’s baby and it even got me the job!

4) Intelligent talking canines to bounce ideas off of


5) Ramblings

While talking to a few other local software only companies I picked up some rather strange tones. They made it seem like if I wanted to work for them I had to stalk their company for weeks and come to several of their boring presentations followed by scoffing at my .net and friends development background while I am pretending to be constantly intrigued about their strict agile culture and their out doorsey perks. Company hikes all day every day? Yes programmers are known for their love of the outside. I think I’d rather go for Windward’s internal coding competitions.(Ok Windward does go outside sometimes, this is Boulder).

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