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The vegans tricked me

Over the weekend I was visiting my usual lunch place, Smash Burger which serves some very delicious burgers, when I decided to branch out and try something new. My friend pointed out the new Native Cafe restaurant that was close by so I decided … Continue reading

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Synergy with OS X mouse disappearing

I have synergy set up with Windows 7 as the server and OS X as the client. Randomley today the mouse pointer would disappear and hide in the background on the OS X side if I did anything on the Windows side. … Continue reading

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Stack exchange, moderators with OCD, and why some poor sap won’t be able to find a quick solution now

Over the weekend I brought my mac mini home from work and set it up using synergy with my PC. I did some tinkering with OS X and unbeknownst to me at the time these changes would later screw up … Continue reading

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