Stack exchange, moderators with OCD, and why some poor sap won’t be able to find a quick solution now

Over the weekend I brought my mac mini home from work and set it up using synergy with my PC. I did some tinkering with OS X and unbeknownst to me at the time these changes would later screw up my synergy set up at work.

So I come in on Monday after a nice weekend and my previously perfect synergy setup has got a problem. I do a quick Google search to try to solve it and the top results are from stack exchange sites. Nobody has a real work around besides try an older version so I set off to fix it myself and a little later I figure out a workaround.

Now I think gee that sure was annoying, but I know, I will share this useful information on the top Google results( questions) so Joe Shmoe doesn’t have to waste some of his time. There was two questions that were similar to mine that could use an answer and I check out a post on the bulletin section which has some vague wording on making duplicate answers. I’m thinking it would be useful to put the answer on two of the posts and if I’m in the wrong a mod will come by and just delete one of them or edit them and post a link in or something actually useful. I have no rep I can’t just add a comment so I have to put a full answer but hey this question was pretty much unsolved who doesn’t like some knowledge?

Apparently some kid with OCD damn well doesn’t like the sharing of knowledge because he deleted not one of my posts but BOTH of them. He didn’t give a reason, the only thing in the rules I could see that would apply to this is that these questions were a little on the old side. BUT THEY HAD NO REAL ANSWER AND STACK EXCHANGE DOMINATES THE TOP GOOGLE RESULTS. This is just completely irresponsible. If you have a site this visible on search engines and deny searchers knowledge because of some archaic rule there is something very wrong with you. This probably explains all the times I’ve gone searching for some bizarre problem and stack overflow floods the results with unanswered or half assed answers.

I sent the moderator an email and am waiting to hear back, I’m sure his response will be entertaining from my past experiences with these kind of people.

To unnamed moderator: I’m sorry for messing up your perfect little power tripping playground by actually giving something useful.

To Joe Shmoe: Sorry but you will have to wait until my blog rises in the search results through some sort of voodoo magic before you find your answer.

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2 Responses to Stack exchange, moderators with OCD, and why some poor sap won’t be able to find a quick solution now

  1. Ken says:

    Six months after the fact – I’m wondering if you ever heard anything more about this?

  2. matt says:

    This was a long time ago… but having to be on stackoverflow too much lately… even the meta site is patrolled by answer & question nazis: … I actually can’t believe this one got closed… it’s a serious and real discussion. It has real value and if you can talk opinion on meta, then what the hell is it for?? Isn’t it effectively a forum for OPINION on how stackoverflow should best function?? After all you can request new features… what are they but opinion on how stackoverflow should be changed?!

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