7 Best productivity hacks (without any BS)

This is my first blog post in 3 years! What have I been doing instead of blogging? Being productive with these productivity ‘hacks’:

  1. Close everything distracting especially skype and outlook
  2. Come in late so you can work later hours so less people are around to distract you
  3. Don’t make eye contact with anyone they’ll just want to have a long boring conversation distracting you from your precious work
  4. Stay in the office or your home office at all times, it is dangerous outside
  5. Do the boring simple tasks when you first get in and your brain hasn’t woken up, they’ll take just as long to do when your brain is awake
  6. Ignore your Health, the amount of self-value from the extra work you get done will replace it
  7. never EVER EVER get married
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