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Welp, I’m actually making a blog post.  This is a first.  I’ve actually thought about making a blog for the past several years, but I couldn’t quite decide what I would do with it.  Share every awesome thing I find?  It would be so cluttered.  Talk about my life?  I don’t know who would read it.  Talk about random stuff?  Why would I do a blog for that, I can just talk to friends about it.  In any case, it’s a problem.  This problem has been solved by Dave telling us that we have a (mostly) mandatory blog to make.  Huzzah!  I am bad at introductions and will try to tackle that later when I’m less sleepy.

Sooo, let’s see, here’s what’s happened over the past several days:

Thursday: take the last final from 2-5.  Then the new Star Trek movie from 10-12, then go to Denny’s at midnight.  Stay there until 2 and then play Betrayal (awesome board game for those of you not in the know).  Then stay up until my flight at 4am.

Friday: get a fitful sleep on the plane to Colorado, then sleep more upon arrival.

Saturday: errands errands errands Wendy is here let’s have dinner

Sunday: move into the apartment (which is actually quite awesome, I really like my room)

Monday: gogo internship

So actually Monday was interesting.  Of course you have to do the business casual thing to the max the first day just in case.  Wendy and I were led on a tour by Dave (who apparently never gives tours, so I guess I’m honored) and then by Sandy (which was also neat).  I now live in the old conference room, which is missing windows.  Sad, but not the end of the world.  The first couple hours were devoted to figuring out how to log on to the computer.  (The problem ended up being an issue with me using Tomas’ old computer; it was fixed when we renamed the computer.)  Then the other problems started.

Our task: try out AutoTag and then later report on what’s good and bad about it.  My problems: numerous.  To start with I had two sets of AutoTab tags in Word, and clicking on some things in one of them just straight up made Word throw an exception and close.  Good times.  We solved that problem this morning by reinstalling Windows.  Hooray!

Anyway, that was yesterday.  This morning with a brand new OS I tried some more AutoTag and then learned that I’d be doing a presentation on it later this afternoon.  Wendy and I then made the most awesome AutoTag presentation imaginable.  It shall be glorious (it was moved to tomorrow morning).

The rest of the day was dedicated to installing Windward engines and “trying them out”.  Which is probably a good thing for us to do, but was honestly pretty boring.  Probably I’ll look back at this easy day with longing, but for now I really just want the challenges to start.  Watch me eat my words in like under a week.  In any case, that theoretically starts tomorrow.  After our presentation.  Which is awesome.

Also my computer decided to throw errors all over the place again so hopefully it’ll be fixed tomorrow.

Wendy and I have had so many after-work adventures too already and it’s only Tuesday.  We went grocery shopping, we watched Umineko and terrified ourselves, we talked to a billion people on Skype, we wrote a blog, man, the list goes on.  I don’t even know what else.  OH WAIT YES I DO, we played RoboRally with what, like a total of 7 people, and it was awesome!  I love that board game, all four times I’ve played it.  😀

I have no idea how often this will be updated.  I guess if I think of more things to say I will say them.  Based on what I saw at board games I am very excited for the summer.  Oh, yes, very much indeed.

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