Adventures in Autotag, cooking, and TV shows

So I got into the office today to be greeted by this message:

photo (2)


I didn’t mention yesterday that I won RoboRally because it felt like bragging, but I won RoboRally yesterday.  I am actually pretty proud that there was a nice message on the board about it.  Pay me no mind.

Anyway, today was largely an experiment in actually doing shit, which it turns out is pretty fun.  This morning Wendy and I gave our presentation, which made us feel way cooler than either of us expected.  Like, they actually took every single thing we said and talked about fixing/improving it.  We had about ten minutes of talking and it turned into a thirty-minute presentation because they stopped at every bullet point and figured out who needed to fix it.  Which is INCREDIBLY cool.  😀

Anyway, it looks like we’re going to be adding keyboard shortcut functionality to Autotag.  Which sounds cool and exciting and I’m going to have to learn how the hell Autotag actually works.  It’ll work.

Also we went to a class taught by Dave (the developers’ boss-dude-guy) in which he said that you should turn off all interruptions like clocks, and never let anyone enter your room lest your coding flow be disturbed.  While I agree that when you’re in the flow it’s sorta hard to get back into it, I actually have many experiences where I’m just beating my head against a problem and talking to someone else about something unrelated for one minute ends up solving the problem.  Maybe I can stick a sign on the wall saying whether I’m being effective or not and if I’m not it’s an invitation to come and talk to me.  Or I could just go for walks.  Eh, I’ll find something that works.  I always do.  I guess I’ll try to avoid interrupting other people too, though I feel like it’ll be a pretty sad place if we can’t go and talk to each other.  Pah, we’ll work something out.

In the rest of the day, I learned how to file bug reports, that if I find any bugs with charts I should just email them to Tomas and he’ll probably know exactly what’s up and why it can’t be fixed and what the quick workaround is, how to send emails to actual people, and that salad without dressing is just lettuce, which is sorta sad.

Then, Wendy and I embarked on Culinary Adventures: Part the First.  We made lemon chicken and broccoli and rice and let me tell you it was delicious.

Broccoli selfie



I will cut you


Turns out you can't insert images in a horizontal line


Also really entertaining as it turns out.

Edit: Dangit, the site said there would be alt text.  I had really amusing alt text.  :(

We also watched more Umineko.  So, for those of you who don’t know, I watched Higurashi (full name Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni) which is a horror anime that has a number of arcs – versions of the same scenario with altered parameters.  Usually everyone dies in the end.  Umineko No Naku Koro Ni is a show created by the same people that has the same “arc” mechanic.  Basically, there’s this witch, Beatrice, who’s having a battle of wits with a guy named Battler (who is basically Phoenix Wright, right down to the objection finger point) where she’s trying to get him to admit that witches exist and he’s trying to explain all the murders that go on via natural phenomena.  It’s a very cool show, and the horror gets toned down after the first couple arcs.

I realized recently that many of my favorite things – Madoka, Higurashi, Umineko, etc – are about a character willingly or unwillingly reliving the same scenario trying different ways to achieve a win condition.  I want to make this a thing in tabletop gaming.

Wendy and I are now rewatching The Wrath of Khan (oooold Star Trek) which is what the new new Star Trek movie is based on.  Let me tell you, I had very intense feelings at the end of the new movie because of Wrath of Khan.  If you haven’t seen the new Star Trek yet, I highly recommend watching Wrath of Khan first.  It’s not at all necessary to understand the plot (the plot is different anyway) and I’m going to avoid spoilers, but trust me, it’s worth spending an hour of your time to watch Wrath of Khan.  It makes the ending of the new Star Trek about a thousand times better.  I actually sobbed.  I don’t ever cry in movies, and I actually sat there in the movie theater sobbing.  I am such a dunce.  😀

I have drunk so much milk today it’s ridiculous.  Also I need to remember to bring mugs to Windward tomorrow.  They don’t have very many cups and I feel bad about using them.  Also they have so much food there and I want to eat all of it.  It’s a problem.

D&D should be starting soon.  And by D&D I really mean one game of D&D Next, which is still in development, and one game of Eclipse Phase, which is a sci-fi RPG.  But it’s all tabletop gaming which has been mapped to “D&D” in my speech patterns.  Eh, it’ll be good.  I actually really like tabletop gaming as it turns out.  The optimizing and the character-building, both mechanically and flavor-wise, just make me very happy.  <3

I’m going to wait until tomorrow to gush about the new Star Trek movie and how much I liked it, because I’m going to go see it again with Wendy and some home-friends.  I am the most excited.  No other can approach my excitement.

Ok, I can’t really think of anything else to say for now.  If I think of it I’ll add it.  Actually I think I’ll have to add stuff later because Wendy hasn’t given me the pictures she took of us cooking yet.  It’s pretty silly.  Also she once used the phrase “my sock can be lemons” which is a copy that I sadly lost.

We are totally introducing copy-paste to the office at some point.  Maybe next game night.  They all say silly things just like we do and I think they would like the Cliipboard.

Okay I’m going to watch this very intense scene in which Kirk & co. are trying to infiltrate the enemies’ base.

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