I really love what they’ve done with Spock’s character, not to mention his interaction with Kirk.

So this morning Wendy and I went to talk to Dave about Autotag improvements – we had the idea to add some keyboard shortcuts so it’s less awkward to manually insert tags clicking everywhere.  And he asked us, “How’s the RunReport stuff coming?”  And we thought, “the what?”  It turns out we’ve been supposed to be working on this demo thing since Tuesday (ideal would be done tomorrow) and no one told us about it.  Whoops.  We worked on it a bit today, and it’s hard to tell what exactly we’re supposed to do.  It’s a pretty free-form thing, so I guess a lot of things are acceptable, but it’s hard to tell whether they really want more coding or more html wrapping.  Whatever, it’ll get done enough either way.

I am a milk monster.  I have actually been drinking a ridiculous amount of milk.  I’ll have to bring my own so that I don’t deplete Windward’s stock.

I have a new motto.  I put it in my office.

It used to say "IF"

It used to say “IF”

It’s simultaneously hard to believe it’s only been a week and hard to believe it’s already been a week.  I’m sure I’ll adjust to the pace at some point but right now it’s just sorta weird.  I have to remember to take stuff to and from my parents’ house when I get around to it.

I met Sam and Nikolai from home with Wendy today.  We had dinner and went to see Star Trek.  Oh my god Star Trek.  So they definitely weren’t subtle about the Wrath of Khan parallels, which I happened to think was an amazing decision.  It was still a completely awesome and understandable movie from the perspective of someone who hasn’t seen it.  But from the perspective of someone who has seen it, it just gets so much better.  (Star Trek: Into Darkness spoilers in the rest of this paragraph.)  Spock and Kirk pretty much took on each other’s roles from Wrath of Khan.  At the end of the old movie, Spock actually dies at the end.  Like, actual death.  The next movie is “The Search for Spock,” where they’re basically trying to rescue Spock’s soul, and when they finally get him back, he’s not the same.  During a scene at the end of the new movie, I actually thought Kirk had straight-up died.  And that there might need to be another movie to somehow save him.  And, oh god, I just, they stare at each other through the glass, and the hands, and oh jeez, I actually can’t handle myself.  I have a lot of feelings about that movie.  I… I might have to begin the fanfiction trawl.  I’m sorry.  (I’m not sorry.)

I hope the getting along will continue.  Wendy and I are actually just kind of ridiculous.  I feel like we’re getting along with such intensity I can’t help but question it.  That is a weird thing to say but we’re basically giggle monsters at this point so I guess I question my sanity.

So I used to play a lot of Ragnarok Online, which is this 2d mmo that I played from about 2005 through 2009.  Ish.  I got pretty good, though never as good as Tessa, who GMed on several servers.  (By the way, I still miss you, Tessa.  :(  We should talk.)  Anyway, apparently Ragnarok Online 2 is free to play on Steam.  I got super excited about it and even loaded the Windows side of my computer, but it turns out our internet is so crappy the 4gb file will actually take a lot of hours to download.  Oh well.

I think I’m going to go read Star Trek fanfiction now.  I can’t read about Umineko until we’re done because I might get spoilered.  Anyway, another large day awaits tomorrow.

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