I will be very sad when the office runs out of pipe cleaners.

So it turns out once a day is waaaaaaaaaay too frequently to update a blog.  However, I kept a careful list of the things I wanted to remember to say over the past few days.

On Monday I ran the Bolder Boulder, a 10k race for memorial day.  It’s like a huge party – people come in costumes, or they play music and dance on the side of the road.  It was great.  I *almost* made it in an hour.  1:06, about.  But considering I haven’t run more than three miles in a row for the past two years, and that all of that was at sea level, I’d say I did okay.  Gotta run more.

On Tuesday, as mentioned, we played a lovely couple of games of Cosmic Encounter after work.  We play that game at school a lot, and we introduced Windward to the three-race-at-a-time and hidden-race variants.  I won both games mostly by chance (sharing one win with Wendy), mostly because I got a very high-powered combination the second time.  But no matter.  My win streak at Windward is still 100%.  Take that.  😛

Yesterday (Wednesday), we were just finishing what we thought were the final changes to RunReport.  We were literally about to check the files back into the team foundation server, when… EVERYTHING WENT BLACK.  Wendy’s computer just straight-up restarted.  We were terrified.  Turns out Microsoft VS was reasonable enough to remember our changes but DEAR GOD it was terrifying.

It’s a good thing Wendy and I are both reasonable people, or I’m sure we would have killed each other by now.  Basically every moment of the last two weeks has been spent together.  Don’t get me wrong, Wendy’s awesome, but we’re living together, working on the same thing at work, and hanging out together.  It’s stressful.  We’ve talked about it.  We’re completely okay, but we both agree it’s getting a little claustrophobic.

Tumblr finally managed to convince me to watch Sherlock.  Let me just say that I’m not disappointed.  It’s six episodes, I’ve finished four, and I can’t stop.  I would probably watch the last two in one sitting if I weren’t deathly tired due to not sleeping because I’ve been watching too much Sherlock.  😛  But yes, it is what scientists call Pretty Good.

We’re working a lot extra this week because we missed Monday and we’re paid hourly.  I’m looking forward to next week when we don’t have to go back to work after dinner.  :/

Once upon a time I thought this pen could only hold two or three colors of pipe cleaners.  I was wrong.

It's fuzzy.

It’s fuzzy.

Turns out that I have this problem where I can’t not move.  Rather than funneling it into eating things, I’m trying to put it into pipe cleaner art.

I made a Water Nation one as well today but I forgot to take a picture of it.

I made a Water Nation one as well today but I forgot to take a picture of it.

The saga will continue.  Hopefully Windward won’t run out of pipe cleaners anytime soon.  I’m burning through them faster than I’m burning through the half-gallon of milk I brought to work (which I brought on Tuesday and is now almost done).

I actually cannot believe the amount of Star Trek, Umineko, and Sherlock feels I’ve been having lately.  But I suppose here isn’t the place to talk about it.  That’s what Tumblr is for.

This week has been dedicated to RunReport.  It seems like every time we think we hit a place where we’ve finished, there are more suggestions to improve it.  But that’s okay.  Today we went through the very complicated process of building AutoTag (which also involves building the Java and .Net engines), and it took a while to get all the requisite things downloaded.  But now that we’ve done it we’ve been assured that we won’t have to again (at least for a while).

Another intern arrived today!  His name is Zhaochuan and unfortunately I didn’t get to meet him much.  The dev team went to lunch together with him but I still didn’t really get to talk to him.  Maybe tomorrow.  :(

Welp, that’s that.  I’m going to wrap this up so we can go back to work soon.  Until tomorrow, or some other time.

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