Whoops, there went two weeks.

I kept meaning to blog and kept forgetting.  :/  Here’s stuff that happened:

The Friday before last I went on Banjo Billy’s Bus for “Intern-tainment”.  It was actually a really cool thing, and a neat way to meet other interns in the area.  It was a scavenger hunt around Boulder, with chances to pick up pictures of various odds and ends at Chautauqua Park, 29th St Mall, and Pearl St.  It ended on the Hill, and we all had dinner afterward.

The following week Wendy and I finished up RunReport.  It’s now a pretty reasonable demo of Windward’s software.  I’m rather proud, considering that I was learning C# and HTML at the same time.  C# is similar enough to C++ that I could pick it up without much trouble, but the most HTML I’ve done before this was on neopets.com.  I’m proud, and I learned a lot.

Then the real work began.  I’m actually incredibly excited to have started working on the new data sources.  It feels like real, awesome work that’s challenging but attainable.  I don’t know what else I would want from a job.  That work has continued into Monday and today, and I spent a while today mapping all the functions necessary for one of the very basic functions on a whiteboard.  I now have a thing that prints the correct thing!  Rudimentary, but progress nonetheless.

Last Friday I went to a conference for women in technology.  There were a lot of speakers, and then brief discussions about the speeches.  It was well worth going, and I would definitely go again.  The talks were interesting and surprisingly relevant.  I really wish I had more to say on this but it really speaks for itself.  Getting more women in technical fields is an important venture that could eat an entire book, or twenty.

Today after work the dev team played Munchkin.  I continued my 100% win streak at Windward.  It’s been almost a third of the time (oh jeez), I hope I can keep it up.  >:)

Okay, I really want to be able to blog more, but I’m just not feeling it right this second.  I’ll get back to it tomorrow when some short stories that I’ve been meaning to write for years aren’t calling my name.


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