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Today, I won a pet En-jay. :D

INTRODUCING: The new OPENING PHOTO REEL. And by that I mean it’s some photos next to each other that I was too lazy to incorporate into the blog itself. READY GO.


Nail art! This is a thing I really enjoy doing, because I get to see it all day long. And it’s just really fun for me for some reason. I’m always taking ideas for nail art. :)


Sarah is a beautiful sticky note lion. 😀 This is what happens when we come back to work late at the (almost) empty office.


We may have been terrible people and hid this behind someone’s computer screen. He didn’t notice for most of the day.

It freaked me out a lot to draw this.

Fanart I drew of SCP 87 b, a one shot horror game. It is excellent. I recommend it. It is free to download! Also terrifying.

Before I explain the title (which I do intend to, believe me), let me have one chance at discussing computer problems (at my CS internship, to remind you of the irony). Sarah and I had just accomplished something wonderful in our code. That took multiple hours to do. And because of source control (kind of like subversion for those of you who know what that is) we were about to check-in the code (this takes it from local to something everyone on the team can see/use), and just before I clicked check-in…my computer restarted. You heard me, ladies and gentlemen. My computer restarted. Now, we had certainly saved the local copy of the code. But the fear we felt at that moment. D: May that never happen again please. I think we actually just made strangled fear noises for like 30 seconds (and startled the people around us quite a bit). It was terrifying, but retrospectively hilarious since it worked out.

Which reminds me, we accomplished so much this week! Oh my goodness. Run Report works like a charm. Run Report is a demo that Sarah and I improved (basically completely remade) that will be going up on Windward’s site early next week, so I’ll post a link here when it does. I like having tangible results to my coding. It is awesome. Today we actually ran into a problem that was either the first or second toughest one we had tried to solve. We haven’t solved it yet. It’s good to have a challenge, but this one is quite tough. On the bright side it’ll give En-jay time to think about things for us to do. We’re still used to the Harvey Mudd busy schedule, so we often finish faster than one would think and find ourselves with free time. My fondest hope is that this will soon change, and I suspect it will. I look forward to that!

In other, more silly and hilarious news, I really REALLY like this office. Everyone is awesome. Like straight up. It is the best place and I LOVE IT.

Example for proof: Logan sent out an e-mail entitled, “a fun new game”, in which he asked us to send us properties of our computers. I did so and also added, “do I win a prize?” To which Logan responded, “You win a pet En-jay.” En-jay happened to be right there at the time, and so hilarity ensued. It was excellent.

More proof: discussions about COW JUICE. Which is actually just milk, but it sounds way better to say cow juice. Where better can mean cooler, more disgusting, or really just about anything. It always sounds funnier though XD Logan even called (like over the phone, despite the offices being nearly next to each other) En-jay to tell him he thought the term cow juice was disgusting (or something to that affect). A lot of it is just the little interactions you have with people over the course of the day, either something funny related to the job, or something completely unrelated and also generally hilarious. I can tell I did a pretty poor job of conveying just how great this is, BUT I WILL TRY HARDER.

Additional proof: Tuesday night was game night. COSMIC ENCOUNTER from 5 to about 8. Oh man. So much fun. Also now everything thinks I’m murderous. I may have been temporarily displaced from my position back at Mudd, but here I am the only Proctor of Murder candidate. (If you don’t know what this is, don’t worry too hard about it. I do not actually murder or hurt other people, nor do I support it. Especially since this is a company blog. But actually I don’t.) I do anticipate inviting people to be murdered sometime in the future though. : D What does this mean? I won’t tell (and no one else tell either, I want to see if anyone shows up). ANYWAY. Back on track.

Sarah and I won the first game together (woooooo!), and some people have feelings about it, as you can see below:

Mudd Mafia is the best thing XD

Good things board! All of these are good. :D

I like the sound of “Mudd Mafia” quite a bit, haha. The point being this was absolutely awesome. And next to our game of Cosmic Encounter was Roborally going, which was hilarious to hear snippets of. Man, I just really like everyone here so much. It’s such a friendly atmosphere. Everyone seems to get along. Everyone seems weird and quirky (like me! : D). It’s great. I like it. I would be happy to just keep typing that repeatedly until everyone reading this gets just HOW MUCH I LIKE THIS PLACE.

In summary, it’s fun, and we got a lot of good work done. What more could I ask for?


So this is the weekend. Sure is. It’s weird, because back at school there’s so much to do over the weekend it can often be overwhelming, but here there seems to be plenty of time and not enough to do. By that I mean the sort of organized events that are constantly going on at Mudd (particularly barbecue and EDC and that sort of guaranteed social interaction. I’m having a lot of fun doing things with Sarah (OH MY GOODNESS UMINEKO AND STAR TREK), but it’s odd to not see everyone or to even have these events as options I guess. I dunno.

I did however begin a tabletop RPG, particularly the Eclipse Phase system. It’s a futuristic sci-fi kind of thing. : D I am pretty excited about it. Character creation is apparently painfully long compared to other systems, and the more I hear this emphasized the better I feel, because it may have been a bit overwhelming to be honest. XD But it wasn’t just me, it was actually absurd.

On a side note with that, I am playing as a psychic bird with a mental disorder who is the best at social interaction. SEEMS LEGIT. : D I may have to draw fanart of her eventually but once she is more fleshed out probably.

Mostly I’m bored right now so I’m writing this entry, if anyone was wondering. I had decided at some point I wanted to briefly talk about my blog title, so why not now? “Life is Golden”. There isn’t really too much to say about it. However, Golden tends to be my username for most online things when I can help it – particularly Golden-3point14 or some variant thereof. Because pi. It is also almost never taken as a name, which is nice. : D And the positivity because, really, all things considered my life hasn’t been bad, even given some of the unfortunate things that happened this year or before. And keeping a positive outlook has become very important to me lately, because I want to acknowledge the good things in life more than the bad. I dunno. I feel that this could be deep but I’m not words-ing very well right now. I’m actually quite tired but I don’t want to sleep. That happens. No work tomorrow so there’s that. It’s also just so hot here. Goodness. Windows open and yet still dying here. Nyuuuu. TT_TT

That’s really about it. I’m excited to go back to work Tuesday, and to hang out with people tomorrow afternoon, and to cook cool things with Sarah this week (we have recipes planned!), and to just be cool kids in general. Aw yeah, the coolest, partying hard.

: )

Oh also! Getting back into art-ing. Started drawing some SCP 087-b fanart. It scares me. ;_; But it looks great so far and I am super excited about it. If you don’t know what this is, Which reminds me, the SCP Foundation Wiki is pretty cool. Oh, uh, also, this is a terrifying game. I get scared out of my wits and yet I somehow keep playing it. I don’t even. Adrenaline rush I guess, heheh. I don’t even. Would post the WIP for the image but that would spoil the best part, since I did the best part first.

Anyway. Going to at least think about sleeping now. It’s not even midnight, amazing how easy it is to shift my sleep schedule such that I’m tired now…



Let me summarize them for you. Yesterday morning we tried to install an SSD into my computer for EXTRA AWESOME MEMORY. Turns out that my computer is just…a problem child. Seriously. SSD was started installing before I got there, no worries it’ll be done soon. Then I noticed the remaining time was steadily increasing. Well it hadn’t been running for too long so lets give it a chance. I came back and the time had increased to 3 hours. Also had like 2 million write errors and steadily increasing. Wellp. So that happened. So I don’t have an SSD yet. u_u Ah well. It’ll be a thing one of these days I guess…

Right so more problems! Actually every day when I leave I shut-down my computer and it installs more updates…now I set it so it doesn’t download the things without asking me…I will find them and kill them…>:( Luckily En-jay (my office mate and the guy kind of in charge of us?) gets in earlier than I do and can restart it for me so it configures and all that crap. I don’t even whyyyyyy. Sarah’s computer also had Windows reinstalled and had very few updates, and I actually don’t know why mine did. Is weird.

Side note: Sarah is meta-blogging. Continue your life.

Last problem (hopefully?): my computer suddenly started flipping out and being slow and windows disappearing like crazy and reappearing (“I actually wouldn’t have believed you if you told me that happened and I hadn’t seen it”). So then we discovered that my computer claimed to only have 2GB of RAM which is crazy unfortunate. So were like oh nooooo wat doooooo. And it turns out En-jay STOLE all the RAM from that computer for his computer ;A; Aaaaaaah. So then we put it into my computer and now it has 6GB of RAM (it actually really had 4GB but wasn’t recognizing one of the sticks) and all is well again.

Alright so that’s done, now we can move on from my deep complaints about technology. These complaints are mostly not because I am annoyed, but because it keeps getting more and more ridiculous as time goes on XD I just…so amusing…I can’t even.

Yesterday and today were pretty great though! We got down to business and worked on a thing! But oh wait…what was this mysteriiiiious thing we are working on? Well, until yesterday morning, we didn’t know either! That statement actually seems rather self-evident and reasonable, so let me give you some context. Dave (our bigger boss guy dude?) wanted this thing (called RunReport) by Friday (or today!) and he expected us to be told about it Tuesday. Which didn’t happen for reasonable reasons. So THEN we found out what it was and we have time now to deal with that.

We actually accomplished a lot with it in the past two days! First, we added new features (it was really missing a lot). Also, this code is in two languages I have not worked with before: HTML, C#, and a weird mixture of both (you can put C# in your HTML so you can C# while you HTML). So that was cool. We then fixed preexisting problems with the code. That actually took a while, but it was so satisfying!!!!! It was excellent and I am glad we could fix it. AND THEN MADE THE FIX EVEN BETTER THAN IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE WHAT NOW YES. It actually deserves a lot more acknowledgement than a paragraph because it was awesome but there really isn’t much more to say actually XD

In other silliness news, E-MAIL WIT BATTLE. Started by the CEO of the company (Shirley) sending out an e-mail to help us out asking if anyone had extras of things we didn’t have we could borrow.

Shirley: Does anyone have an extra meat thermometer or fan that they could loan Sarah & Wendy for the summer?

Logan (a fellow developer): That’s an odd combo. Are they trying to see how fast a fan cools the meat down?

Sarah: Have you ever tried to cook a fan without a thermometer?  It’s impossible to tell when it’s the right temperature.

Logan: When I was your age, we ate our fans raw! AND WE WERE GRATEFUL FOR THE OPPORTUNITY!

Me: That explains so much about you.

I am so glad I am at a place where we can have battles of wits over e-mail that goes to the entire development team. Good. We’re ready to be snarky to the best of our abilities. >:D

Also, I want you to know, Sarah and I just got extremely trolled by an anime. Umineko no Naku Koro Ni. Now, it starts off a bit scary, but this changes and there’s witches and magic and OH MAN SO GOOD. Watch it. Do it.

There was also this cool thing today that happened where for reasons the office was invited to go to chill and get food after work, and I ended up going to that and it was great. It was fun to just talk to everyone and hang out and all. And it’s awesome that it happens and it kind of happens weekly 😀 There will also be more game nights on Tuesdays and a MAILING LIST for it and that is awesome. The people at this company are the coolest. ALL OF THEM. 😀

ALSO SO I LEARNED A COOL THING THAT I HAVEN’T EVEN DONE AND DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW TO DO, BUT SEEMED COOL. So it’s called a TRAP. So know what an assertion is (in coding, naturally)? If not, I’m sorry but I’m not explaining it. It’s helpful for debugging. TRAPs are assertions that disappear after you run the code once, if they didn’t fail (I think). So that’s cool, because if the code passes the assertion in the TRAP (meaning it’s theoretically correct), it disappears and you don’t have to go back and remove it. Sounds neat anyway. As I said, I haven’t actually used it, but that sounds useful in some situations. 😀

And lastly…


Turns out not everyone is aware of this gif and this meme. I must enlighten the world!

Seems Legit

Watching Star Trek: Wrath of Khan. Great way to end a great day. I am ready for the feels. Star Trek. : D

There was a lot of today that cool, so this entry is going to be hilariously jumpy in terms of seriousness and hilarity. If these kinds of days keep up I’ll be overwhelmed with the desire to blog nightly. Mostly because everything is so cool that I just want to tell EVERYONE about it. Interning, living in the apartment with Sarah, cooking things, DOING COOL STUFF. Yeah, living the life. Is super good. And it’s like day three. Wat. Seems good.

Speaking of which, we cooked lemon chicken for dinner today. It was actually really delicious. I was impressed with us. We cooked food without killing ourselves. Yay!

Broccoli selfie what what


Chicken alarm, chicken alarm, take your chickens out

Sarah is chilling with her chicken homies. Who are dead and covered in lemon juice as it turns out. #SEEMSLEGIT




Yeah, over-the-top food pictures. If I’m going to ironically take pictures of my food (because I really am proud of its existence) then I better do it like I mean it am I right? Right. Don’t worry there won’t be too many more food pictures except for really awesome meals. Which given my current excitement will be all of them. Don’t even worry about it.

Khan that is not okay stop that oh gee. STAAAAAHP. The worm things in the ears and aaaargh. Okay sorry don’t worry about that I’m watching Wrath of Khan remember? Eugh. Bugs in ears is just not okay.

So! Today Sarah and I gave our presentation about how we thought Windward’s software, Autotag, could be improved. It’s not that I didn’t expect them to take us seriously, but it was still really cool to see that they did. Our points were discussed and taken in complete seriousness, and the team (us included) is now working to implement a lot of the changes Sarah and I suggested. We’re making improvements to software that is already in use by other companies. Woah! Talk about immediate impact. I mean, we are actively helping to make this thing better. As it turns out, we’re actually going to add keyboard shortcuts to Autotag. Tomorrow. Woah. Woah. Doing things. WOAH. THINGS.

Kay I’m calm again. This is just really cool. We’re pretty awesome. : D Super excited to get down to business and start implementing things.

Just so very excited for everything still. Eventually I’ll calm down? Maybe.

It’s just so great to feel that I’m already contributing three days in – especially given all of the computer issues (my computer is STILL not done updating yet, like, for real? Come on! 173 UPDATES WAS NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU? ARGH) that happened, which did not feel quite so good as it turns out, despite their humorous qualities. As I may have said several times, it’s really cool. : ) I like it.

Dave said that he would throw a lot at us and that if we weren’t overwhelmed he wasn’t doing it right. Well, I’m ready to take that challenge. >: ) Let’s get down to business!

Welcome to Windward

So, first of all, introductions.

This is my face.

As a sidenote, my face is not the salmon, but the thing with the hair. The salmon is named "?" and was attending my band concert to become cultured. I have strange friends.

As a sidenote, my face is not the salmon, but the thing with the hair. The salmon is named “?” and was attending my band concert to become cultured. I have strange friends.

I’ll talk more about me in a later post (actual introduction and all that I suppose), because really I want to talk about my new life in Boulder interning at Windward. The past two days have been most excellent, and I am very excited to be working here.

Because reasons, I’m going to start with this evening’s activities in my spewing of adventures. Take that chronology, yeah! Tonight was BOARD GAME FUN TIMES. RoboRally after work, which is an excellent programming-ish boardgame, and was great. Everyone is basically super cool. I am certain we will all get along beyond fine. It was super fun and felt really comfortable, which was exciting! I can’t wait to get to know everyone better. 😀 It really reminded me of my friends back at home, because board games are definitely a thing. As it turns out, RoboRally was also the first game I played at Harvey Mudd too, and that turned out great, so I have similar expectations! So much fun. 😀 Yay!

This is RoboRally. :D

Alright, so back to chronology. First day of work. Challenge 1: set up your computer. Well, I mean, that shouldn’t be so bad, plugging in cords is really not hard and so no worries…well it turns out the answer is no. This computer is sad at us. I actually forget what the initial problem with it was – but it ended up that after a lot of derping around with it we had to just straight up reinstall Windows. Also, an excellent error was acquired: “You have broken the trust relationship between this workstation and the domain”. It was beautiful. I actually don’t even. The fact that this is an error. Yes.

But as a result of reinstalling Windows and computer trust issues, I got to name my computer. Naturally I named it Spock. Seems good! And then it worked. And then when I left for the day I set it to install all 173 updates it wanted to install. Good. So many updates. Continuing the saga, this morning when I came in I booted it up and it went to configure those 173 installed updates. No worries, I thought, this’ll take like half an hour and be good. The things I was doing at the time could be done on my personal laptop, so no big deal. It’ll be done.

And then at 11:30 am, two and a half hours later, the screen still showed, “Configuring updates. Do not turn off computer.” At that point, the solution became obvious: TURN OFF THE COMPUTER. With fear in my heart I did so. And then I turned it on. And then it was fine. Alright then. Seems good for now. I don’t even know what that was. Wat. Anyway.

So there was that. Mostly I was just amused by the irony. My computer science internship so far had been filled with computer issues and the like, although they were quickly getting resolved. It was silly and would have really happened to anyone, anywhere. (Maybe next time you should try setting up the computers before the interns get there, huh? :]P But really, thanks to everyone who helped out. It sure was a process.) Really though, it was also interesting to watch. No one got upset over it. No one became clearly frustrated. Everyone took it in their stride and was eager to help and even when things didn’t work continued to be pleasant and just shrugged it off and moved on to the next possible solution. It was great! I was even able to solve a few problems myself, which felt cool. But seeing that this kind of response was the general mood of the team was nice. Something went wrong? Let’s just deal with it and move on. Everything felt friendly and welcoming. :) I am very very excited to be working here with everyone.

Also Sarah and I may or may not have the best presentation tomorrow. And by that I mean it is the best presentation. Be ready, Windward. Be ready.