And home. (Alt title: definitely didn’t do work nope nope never)

And then I was home.

And then I was working at home, as I was explicitly told not to do. Whoops! I’m just still thoroughly amazed and awed by the fact that I can remote in to my work desktop and do things with it. Also the work I was doing is not the main thing I should be working on, and mostly repetitive simple work, and is easier on my personal computer anyway, so I see no problems with this. Everyone is getting ready for the day and I’m ready right now, so why not. It makes me feel happy to accomplish things like that at any rate.

If you don’t want to ready my semi-technical CS babble, skip to below the picture for FEEEEELINGS.

This past week I actually feel I’ve accomplished things, for a lot of reasons which is pretty cool.

  • At a company meeting, the product Sarah and I worked on (and the one I worked on this morning) was specifically cited as awesome and useful. People clapped for us. It was awesome to see literal evidence of our success and contribution to the company.
  • Finally figured out how to even start data sources (which I had never done before in my life) and have solved a lot of issues as they came up. I am so close to being able to accomplish a basic out tag (I’m not explaining this right now, sorry XD), and have almost all the query functionality down. Yay me. Solving problems.
  • Learned about reflection. Not like, oh hey, a mirror, I see my reflection, but the kind that involves a lot of metadata and feels a bit silly. It involves object of type Type. The type Type is not in fact the type (i.e. a class) but metadata about this type (so information about methods, data members, etc.) which you then call more functions on to extract/invoke information from. Neat. And basically necessary because of the way Salesforce sets up its data. If you haven’t heard of Salesforce, well, I don’t know much about it except that their data querying system is making my life a bit more difficult than it needs to be. But I think it’s almost completely worked out, and at least at a basic level.

So in terms of figuring things out, initially the sample code Salesforce provided me would just quit, and I couldn’t figure out why. The error that Visual Studios showed me was unhelpful. And then I noticed that the code was flashing an error message up for about two seconds before it disappeared. And I just kind of stared at it for a bit. And then decided the only way to fix this was to try and print screen it so I could read it. This is a lot more difficult than it seems. (I didn’t understand the code well enough to get it to stay. I think once it hit an exception it was quitting which seems kind of reasonable but…seriously…why wouldn’t you make sure your sample code showed errors for more than two seconds…)


This was the best I could do. Oh hey look sample Salesforce code. WHY. I COULD HAVE FIXED THIS SO MUCH FASTER IF I COULD HAVE READ IT. ;_;

This was the best I could do. Oh hey look sample Salesforce code. WHY. I COULD HAVE FIXED THIS SO MUCH FASTER IF I COULD HAVE READ IT. ;_;

So it turns out the problem was that Salesforce asks you for username and password, and my password it means password + security key. Really simple. Really easy fix. Too bad the disappearance of the window with the error message made this a lot more complicated than it needed to be…but then I fixed it and moved on with my life. Hooray!

I’m done working for today, most likely. My brother graduates in a few hours, my grandpa is here visiting, and tomorrow we’re probably going hiking at Crystal Mountain (oooh, going to ride the new gondola which I’ve never ridden).

I have a lot of feelings about my brother graduating. Mostly, I’m excited for him! I want to see who he’ll be once he’s been away at college and really given the chance to grow. I’m sure he’ll be absolutely awesome. He’ll also still be my little brother, so it’s weird that he’s graduating, but on the other hand I’m proud of him. He’s got cords and awards (YEAH BAND MARINE AWARD THING) and is an awesome kid.

Here he is a year ago visiting me over the summer. Dat face. :D He's probably got even taller since then...

Here he is a year ago visiting me over the summer. Dat face. : D He’s probably got even taller since then…

Anyway, catch ya later. : )


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