Vacation-y Things PART 2

Alt title: The days in which I went hiking to some pretty waterfalls, finished a picture, and had a few feels.

Picture: the ki-nona-eel! It is a combination cat with 9 eel limbs. Don’t worry about it too much. It turned out a lot cuter than I expected. It makes me happy.

How can you not be motivated by those adorable eyes? And all that winking is just so motivating!

How can you not be motivated by those adorable eyes? And all that winking is just so motivating! Meow!

Yep I sure am strange.

A few days ago (keeping track of the days is hard on vacation) we went on a (relatively easy) hike out to some beautiful falls. You know it wasn’t that hard because my grandpa went with us. He’s quite spry for his age, but nonetheless the hike was not particularly challenging. It was quite pretty though, as illustrated below.

Trail head.

Trail head.

Pretty river shot. : ) Lots of nice views.

Pretty river shot. : ) Lots of nice views.

The finale! The falls themselves. Absolutely stunning. Also, that is a highway. This hike is between the two sides of the highway. It's nifty!

The finale! The falls themselves. Absolutely stunning. Also, that is a highway. This hike is between the two sides of the highway. It’s nifty!

OH MAN also my dad downloaded a hilarious voice for our Garmin navigation system. It was called “Doctor Nightmare”. My brother and I preferred to call it “Ghost Butler Chauffeur”. It would randomly say things if there hadn’t been anything for it to say, like laugh maniacally or that sort of thing. It was quite entertaining. XD It became the thing. Like on the hike we would occasionally pass abandoned houses, and it would be, “THAT’S WHERE THE GHOST BUTLER LIVES” and that sort of thing. It’s probably not as funny as I find it. XD

It is a little sad today because while I’m here cleaning the house for the grad party tomorrow (YAY!) the rest of the company is out at some sort of family fun center have a celebration. And I’m missing it. I was pretty upset when I found that out but I think I’m okay with it now. I mean there’s not a lot of point in being upset about it. Doesn’t change anything, so why expend the emotion if I can avoid it. I may try and organize something else and invite everyone and see what happens (if I can ever think of something else that would be fun to do…most things would be fun with everyone, but you need a starting point really). But yeah. There’s that.

Currently today I’ve decided which stuffed animals I will be keeping. I have two massive baskets full of stuffed animals (and more I think because I didn’t see some that I KNOW I have). I am donating more than will fit in a giant garbage bag. Ah man, the last time I went through and picked out animals to give away every decision to give one away tugged at my heart strings. But I was so much younger at any rate. This time it was kind of like, “man I remember when I pretended you were a vampire rabbit, that sure was fun”. And then I put my vampire rainbow rabbit in the bag. I am saving a few plushies. For example, all the Poke’mon ones, a cat, a ferret and an otter (they adopted each other as siblings, it’s a long story : D ), and maybe a few more in there. It just so much easier this time around. I never, ever thought it would be easy for me to just toss my animals into a giant bag when I was younger. I was so attached XD But I’m doing it and I hope the kids who get ’em have fun with them. It does feel a bit sentimental. When I come back in August I am supposed to go through all the things in my room and clean things up…that will be…something…XD I’m still quite sentimental about old drawing books and diaries (despite the fact that I don’t want to read the diaries anytime soon I want to keep them around, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense buuuuut whatever).

And my dad is smoking some meat (ribs, brisket, pulled pork…maybe even some pig candy, which is essentially brown sugar delicious bacon that’s been smoked and is crispy and DELICIOUS) and that’s basically awesome. Meat being my favorite food group and all. (Which randomly reminds me, I have decided that what I want for my birthday is not a cake, but a STEAK. I will acquire one absolutely.)

So one more thing here. Met with some homefriends yesterday while I’m back in town. One of them asked us to say what our dream jobs were. With a shrug I gave my usual response, which is that I’d love to work for a company like Microsoft or Google. She looked at me and was like, “no, your dream job, not like what you think you’ll be doing”. Which kind of threw me off. Because working at one of those companies was actually my idea of a dream job for a while. It might still be, I dunno.

Another friend mentioned that the idea of a dream job was overrated. And I agree with that. The reasoning there is that, at least for me, it’s not so much about what I’m literally doing. It’s more about the people and that sort of thing. For example, I’m really happy at my internship with Windward. If I had gotten a job somewhere slightly less awesome, I would probably not be unhappy or thinking it wasn’t awesome, because I would never have had Windward to compare to. So really, as long as I end up somewhere I’m happy, the where and the what don’t matter as much to me.

It did get me thinking about why I like my internship so much, because right now I’m even to the point of missing it a bit while I’m away. While I do like the challenge of the actual job part, what I really like and what really makes it is the people and how the company operates. We have board game night, we have fun lunches, random conversations, and the office is general pleasant and pretty chill. And, despite my not being able to attend, there are fun celebrations like the one happening today. What I want is a job with this, or similar to this, type of environment. People are taken care of, people are happy, and people like each other. It’s pretty great.

Anyway, rambling thoughts aside, I have to be an adult and deal with adult business like possibly incorrect bills. HOORAY ADULTHOOD. (I guess I’m not technically an adult…wub…I’m like a month short…)


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