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Hiking and Monsters

This weekend has actually been awesome. Doing things is cool. This morning, I went for a hike. To start with, it was not as hot as last time by a mile. It started off being quite cool and the trail was very shady. And then I had En-jay and Tomas (two developers from Windward who I’m sure I’ve mentioned before) along with me, which made for…interesting conversation, certainly. It was a lot of fun. And there could be more hiking in the future, yesssss.

We did this trail: So I didn’t really look it up before we went. Turns out it was a lot of steep. And we did some extra ups and downs because we accidentally went the long way to get there. But it was great. Really tough but hiking with other people is motivating to me. And there was fun banter and all that. Of course when we were almost all the way back we stood still for a moment and I realized suddenly that my legs were shaking and I couldn’t really make them stop, heh. We booked it up that mountain. And if you failed to click the link, +1,417′ roundtrip elevation gain (slightly less net because up and downs). 3.2 miles. We did it in about 2.5 hours, with a 20-30 minute stop at the top. It sure felt fast anyway. It was a lot of fun, but I suspect my legs will hate me tomorrow XD HUZZAH FUN EXERCISE! I can’t wait to do more. If anyone is familiar with good hikes near Boulder, you should let me know so I can check them out. Still got 5 weekends or so (oh man so few…I’m sad about that already, dangit). THERE WAS AN ARCH AT THE TOP. (But no hamburgers…Tomas’ thing was cracking jokes about there being hamburgers at the top. It was pretty funny XD)

So, moving forward from there. I saw Monsters University yesterday. It was good and kind of what you’d expect. Pixar does a good job with things (also the short before it was super adorable, oh my goodness UMBRELLAS and this is why I name all my inanimate objects, because Pixar makes them adorable). However, I was almost bothered the entire movie. It’s a prequel. ALSO be aware they MAY BE SOME SMALL SPOILERS. Mostly I think it’s broad enough to be fine, but fair warning. There will be a set of bold letters indicating the end of spoilers.

Basically, you’ve got Mike Wazowski trying really hard to become a “scarer”. But if you’ve seen the original movie, YOU KNOW that this doesn’t happen. He tries so, so hard, and the whole time I was cringing a bit, because we know he doesn’t make it. I found this incredibly difficult to accept. I wanted him to succeed, but I knew he couldn’t. It was a very strange feeling and almost took away from the movie, in my head. But it was really interesting to me, because one scene just jumped out at me.

GONNA TALK ABOUT A SPECIFIC SCENE PEOPLE FAIR WARNING. Mike explodes and says something to the effect of, “I thought that if I wanted it enough, and if I tried hard enough, I could succeed”. (It’s of course a bit more verbose than that, but that’s the idea) Man. That just struck me. Tears actually welled up while he was going off. Because I can understand that. Up until Mudd I would succeeded at things (much like Mike did before going to Monsters University) if I tried hard enough and put the effort in. Once I got to Mudd though, that wasn’t true. There were classes that no matter how hard I studied for them, I didn’t get the grade I wanted, even when I thought I wanted it so much. To acknowledge that there are some things that was just aren’t good at and never can do is really hard, and I was just so struck by it, because it was so relate-able. As someone who has always had to work to be where I am, Mike’s situation just struck me so much. That was when I decided the movie was good, and not just okay.

There was also of course Sullivan’s position, where he was expected to be awesome but had really messed up, but my sympathies didn’t really lie there so much. (I found that this prequel made me like Sullivan a lot less. Which was sort of the point with his character at this time frame, but geeeeee…)

Yeah, anyway, those were deep thoughts. At a surface level, Pixar’s stuff is good, But it’s those deeper moments, that maybe no one else even noticed, that really make it great for me.


On a side note, yesterday at Eclipse Phase was hilarious. My character took 2 wounds worth of damage (this is a lot) but because of my low pain tolerance this counts as 4 for me (which makes me take huge penalties), and then I also triggered my mental disorder wherein my intelligent bird character becomes a normal bird, basically. Which meant TONS of terrified squawking and flailing. They duct-taped me into a neat little package. And then after I left early to go to a movie they crashed the ship and my character died since I have very little health…it’s quite funny XD

AND LASTLY I STARTED WATCHING AN ANIME CALLED “ATTACK ON TITAN” AND IT IS AMAZING. Oh my goodness. Feels as early as episode 1. So very very excellent, and since it’s relatively new only 13 (and a half?) episodes. (I’m only through 11 of them myself but THERE IS TIME TOMORROW MY FRIENDS)