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Windward provides a powerful and flexible reporting solution that empowers business users to design and edit their own reports no matter where or how their data is stored, as well as processing and delivering those reports at an enterprise level.

Windward’s design tool is an add-in for the Microsoft Office suites that expands office functionality through easy to use wizards and a drag and drop interface. This unique design strategy allows non-technical users access their data without programming or database knowledge, and permits free-form design and report customization at an unprecedented level, all while capitalizing on users’ experience with the most commonly used software in the business world.

Processing and distribution is handled by the reporting engine, which is capable of delivering hundreds of documents every minute. It can be easily integrated with your own applications, or embedded into your software, through a simple and well-documented API, or run independently through Windward’s standalone, customizable web application.

Windward’s design flexibility, easy data access, and performance optimized distribution engine combine to a unique and powerful solution that stands apart from the rest of the reporting field.

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